Vancouver Dry Cleaning Alternative

Vancouver’s Dry Cleaning Alternative | Solvent-Free

Two Family Owned and Operated Locations

West Boulevard Cleaners is a family owned and operated business with stores:

  • in Kerrisdale since 1995 on West Boulevard near West 40th Avenue (See Map)
  • in Kitsilano since 2015 on West Fourth Avenue near Yew Street (See Map)

Cleaner Clothes and Better Health

Our system leaves your clothes and fine linens in like-new condition without the use of chemicals that are bad for your clothes and bad for your health.

You’ll appreciate the fresh scent our organic cleaning system leaves behind on your delicate garments and one-of-a-kind pieces, instead of chemical residue with unpleasant, toxic odor.

Safer for Your Clothes

Our solvent-free cleaning method is the safest garment cleaning method.

We use state-of-the-art detergents and machinery, combined with many years experience.

From safe and gentle cleaning of your favorite shirts, suits, blouses, dresses, knits and evening wear to lovingly preserving your wedding dress our dry cleaning alternative process combined with acid-free packaging treats your garments with unsurpassed care.

We are the ONLY Miele Certified Cleaning Professionals in Vancouver. As a Miele Certified Cleaning Professional we take extra special care with each of your items, returning them with a natural clean scent, soft feel and vibrant colours.

It’s also the perfect way to clean down-filled winter coats and vests, as well as household items, holiday table linens, and winter-weight duvets.

Environmentally Safe

We are serious about protecting the environment where we live.

The Advantages Of Our Cleaning System:

Our cleaning services use only eco-friendly methods for your safety and to help the environment

  • Specialized equipment prevents shrinkage
  • Bring in your plastic bags and hangers to be recycled

Our solvent-free cleaning system is an ecofriendly alternative to dry cleaning that uses biodegradable detergents and specialized finishing agents, including specialized pressing and re-shaping equipment to prevent shrinkage and maintain garment shape. Most garments labelled “dry clean only” can be beautifully cleaned with our system – including cottons, wools, and even silks.

  • Safe for you and your garments
  • Cleans gently and effectively
  • Environmentally friendly

Our ecofriendly, gentle alternative cleaning processes are easy on the environment and your garments and linens with unparalleled care

Free Pickup and Delivery

Our free pick-up and delivery service offers you a quick and convenient way to avoid another time consuming chore. See a map of our free pick-up and delivery area.

Download Our West Boulevard Cleaners App

Free pickup & delivery

Our free pick-up and delivery offers you a quick and convenient way to avoid another chore in your already busy schedule.

See a map of our FREE pick-up and delivery area.

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