Solvent-free and earth-friendly

At West Boulevard Cleaners, we are leading the positive change to more natural and organic cleaning techniques

Conventional dry cleaning techniques rely on perchlorethylene (known as “PERC”) to clean clothes, which is a petroleum-derived solvent known to pose risks to the environment and human health. Studies have shown that PERC causes neurological, kidney and liver damage after short-term exposure and poses even more serious health risks with long-term exposure.

Driven by concerns about the health hazards of perc and other dry cleaning solvents, the dry cleaning industry is gradually turning “green” and starting to use more organic and natural cleaning methods. However, not all cleaners have made the switch nor do they all follow practices that minimize environmental damage.

PERC free dry cleaning alternative

We are dedicated professionals in wet cleaning techniques as a healthier alternative cleaning process to conventional dry cleaning. We use specialized, non-toxic detergents and conditioners that do not contain any dangerous solvents such as PERC and are milder than home laundry products.

We follow best environmental practices to safeguard our community. By using only water and biodegradable detergent, we do not generate hazardous waste, nor run the risk of contaminating water, air or soil.