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Using our pickup and delivery service is as easy as leaving your garment bag hanging on your front door. We handle the rest. You don’t have to concern yourself with running extra errands just to have your clothes cleaned. You can rest assured your outfits will always arrive on time, ready to be worn. Oh, and the best part? Our pickup and delivery service does not cost you a penny.


Pickup and Delivery Map

See a map of our Free Pickup and Delivery area below.

How It Works

Our drivers will pick up your items to be cleaned during their scheduled routes. We also have “on call” pickup and delivery capabilities for customers who do not have items to be cleaned every week. We can even offer these services to apartment buildings, as long as you are home or if there is a concierge to handle our pick up and delivery between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.

Once your clothes have been cleaned and are ready to be returned, our drivers will leave your clothes where you ask. You don’t have to fiddle with payment, as we can automatically charge your credit card on delivery day. If there is a special circumstance with your clothing we will communicate with you by email to make sure your clothes are pristine when you receive them.

Free Pickup and Delivery service area