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5 Tips to Keep Mold Out of Your Laundry Room


Mold is a pesky fungus that thrives on water. It tends to grow in warm, enclosed spaces that have high levels of humidity. It doesn’t just grow on your walls and floors, though. It can go on your garments, too. Although dry cleaning your clothes can get rid of mold, it is better to prevent the fungus from growing altogether. If the conditions are just right and the mold has enough moisture and sustenance, it will continue to spread. Here are some tips for preventing mold from creeping into your laundry room. Continue reading

How Pick-Up and Delivery Service Works


Cleaning your clothes is important. Your favorite business suit, your best blouse or those expensive pants must be in optimum condition so you can look excellent when you wear it. Often, that means you must take your garments to the cleaners. They are professionals and will make sure your garments are spotless and in the best condition possible.

Sometimes, though, you are too busy and do not have time to take the trip to and from the cleaners. On days when driving to the cleaners is not an option, use pick-up and delivery service. The cleaners will bring your clothes right to your door, so you do not have to worry about driving that extra distance. Here’s how you can participate in the convenient service with cleaners who offer it.  Continue reading

Don’t let Laundry set off Your Allergies

man sick in bed

If you suffer from allergies, then you know that sometimes the smallest things can set them off. Oddly enough, your laundry could actually be making your allergies worse! Laundry can hold things like pollen, dust mites and other allergens that cause your allergies to act up. If you take some extra precautions with your laundry, however, you can reduce the effect that it may have on your allergies. Continue reading