Who Uses a Laundry Pickup Service?

Cleaner in laundry shop checking clean clothes

Laundry is a chore that we all have to do, but never seem to have time for. You can make up some of the time by dropping your clothes off at the cleaners, but what about when you can’t make it back to pick them up?

That’s what a pickup and delivery service is for! Not only does using a laundry pickup and delivery service save you time in doing the laundry, it also makes sure that your laundry is ready for you when you want it. Is this service for everyone? You may be surprised at how many different types of people take advantage of a laundry pickup and delivery!

Corporate Customers

This may be the most obvious customer for laundry pickup and delivery. Many different corporations are able to leverage the convenience of a service like this. It is very useful in a setting where employees are required to wear a uniform or specific dress code clothing.

This type of service could even be offered by business owners as a perk for their employees. If they are required to wear a uniform, being able to have that uniform laundered while they are at work can improve morale and make for a happier work place.

Restaurants, retail stores, automotive service garages and messenger services are perfect for a pickup and delivery corporate customer.

Stressed Students

Who has time in college to do anything but study? Your alternatives are to wear dirty clothes or try to hit the laundry mat at 3 a.m. while studying for your finals. Odds are if there is a large student population in the area, the laundry mat is full up anyway.

Avoid all the hassle and keep your free time free by using a laundry pickup and delivery service. You may be surprised at how affordable using a service can be, even on a student budget. Besides, Mom or Dad may be happy to see you without the large laundry bag on holidays.

Busy Professionals

So you have that important business meeting first thing in the morning and you forgot that you left your best power tie at the cleaners. Having the right clothes to wear to those high pressure situations can reduce the stress just enough for you to close that deal.

Working late and can’t make it to pick up your laundry? No problem if you are using a pickup and delivery service. You know when your clothes are going to go out and when they are going to be back (with West Boulevard Cleaners, it will be the next day). This frees your mind up to keep you on task and focused on the job at hand.

West Boulevard Cleaners offers convenient and quick turn around on our free pick-up and delivery service. Contact us today to handle all of your laundry and dry cleaning alternative needs!

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