Taking Care of Those Summer Clothes

line-drySummer is full of vibrant colors. Clothes match that trend by being bright and fun. Taking care of your summer clothing, even though there might be less of it by volume, is no less difficult than handling those tricky cashmere sweaters. Here are some tips to keep your summer clothes looking bright, vibrant and ready to go outside and take on the day.

Be Careful with Sunblock

While sunblock is very necessary for keeping the parts of you that aren’t covered by your clothing safe, it can be very harmful to your clothes themselves. The dyes and oils that are in sunblock can stain your clothing or even cause colors to run and fade. Make sure to rinse and clean your clothes after wearing them with sunblock to prevent them from fading or staining. Dry cleaners are also able to help with removing these stains if they should occur.

Don’t Let Dirty Clothes Pile Up

Summer can be hard on your clothing. Dirt, sweat and stains can pile on quickly as you are out there playing hard. Make sure that you don’t let those stains sit around and get set in your clothing. Drop them in the washing machine the first opportunity that you have. If you are pressed for time, consider using the complimentary pickup and drop-off service that West Boulevard Cleaners offers. That is a great way to make sure that your clothing remains clean while saving you time to do what you really want to be doing in the summer months.

Get the Chlorine Out of Your Swimsuit

In order for pools and hot tubs to remain algae free, high amounts of chemicals are required. This can mean disaster to your favorite bathing suits. After you get out of the pool or hot tub, take a minute to rinse off your bathing suit in cold water.

Remember to read swimwear labeling very carefully as well. They can have very specific cleaning instructions that must be followed in order to avoid damaging your suit.

Watch Out for Deodorant Buildup

Deodorant or antiperspirant is something that is a necessity in the summer. It is very harsh on clothing and can ultimately cause discoloration or create holes in your clothing. As with the advice on dirt and sweat above, don’t let your clothing lay around for the damage to set in. Wash them soon after wearing them to minimize the damage that the deodorant can cause.

Check Your Insect Repellent

You want to keep those bugs away so you can enjoy the outdoors. This may mean spraying your clothing down with bug repellant. While it generally is not harmful to clothing, some bug repellants can contain alcohol that may damage clothing. Check the label of your repellant before using it on your clothes to prevent damage.

For your Kerrisdale dry cleaning needs, contact West Boulevard cleaners today. We can save you time in the summer months by getting your laundry done while you play.

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