Protect Your Clothes from Insect Damage

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One of the major challenges when storing clothes for any amount of time is keeping the insects away from them. Moths, silverfish and beetles all lay eggs that hatch into hungry larva that love to eat away at your expensive fabrics. If using harsh pesticides or smelly moth balls isn’t your thing, then what techniques can you use to protect your clothing between wearings? Here are a few ideas on how to protect your clothes from insect damage.

Keep Closets and Drawers Clean and Dry

The best way to avoid bugs from infiltrating your clothes is to keep the places that you store them clean and dry. It is very easy to put your clothing away in a long term storage closet and then forget that they are there, but that is a good way to breed flying insects, beetles or silverfish. Make sure to regularly vacuum out your closets and drawers to keep them free of any insects or dirt that might attract insects. If you notice any flying insects or bug droppings as you are cleaning, you may want to call an exterminator to rid your home of those pests. Make sure they do not use harsh pesticides that could harm your clothing or give it an odd smell.

Cedar and Lavender

Both cedar and lavender are very good ways to repel bugs, but you have to keep any storage areas using those materials tightly sealed. Closets or dressers that you are using cedar or lavender in should be kept closed and rarely opened. Frequently entering those areas can let enough air in to be breathable for insects and insect larvae.

Use Breathable Garment Bags, Not Regular Plastic

Many fabrics, like cashmere, need to breathe. If they are stored in plastic bags that are air tight, the fabrics can degrade or discolor. Storing clothing in acid-free garment bags will ensure that they are able to get the air they need as well as keeping them clean and safe from most insects. You can also use acid free tissue between the folds of your garments for extra protection. Cardboard boxes are also good if you are going to be storing in a clean closet or wardrobe. Try not to store your sensitive clothing in regular plastic bags. Plastic can give off fumes that will give your clothes an odd smell.

Always Clean Your Clothes Before Storing

Clothing easily picks up all manner of dirt, food stains, hair and perfumes that are attractive to insects. In order to keep insects away, always have your clothes cleaned before you plan to store them. Remember to store them away from clothes that you wear regularly after you have them cleaned as your commonly worn items can carry bacteria.

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  1. Marguerite Robins

    Hello, I am a Mother of 3 Daughters, & have tons of adorable dresses & other clothing garments of theirs that I want to keep forever, what would be the best way to store them & protect them from insects while also allowing me to open & take them out if I so choose too?
    Thank you so much.

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