Will Dry Cleaning Shorten the Lifespan of Your Garments?

Frequent trips through the washing machine will eventually end the life of even your favorite garments. Nobody likes to throw away a favorite shirt or sweater. Eventually it will fade, stretch or shrink to the point that you can no longer wear it.

Is the same true with dry cleaning? Will frequent trips to the dry cleaners negatively affect the lifespan of your garments, possibly making them even shorter? The short answer is no. Dry cleaning can actually lengthen the life of your garments. Here are some reasons why.

Prevention of Insect Damage

One of the ways that clothing can be quickly brought to an end is by insects. Even if your home is nearly spotless these little creepy-crawlies can get into your closets and drawers causing damage. Frequent trips to the dry cleaner can actually prevent that.

Insects are typically drawn to soiled or dirty clothing. The most damage can be caused to clothes that have food or perspiration that has gotten trapped in the fabric. Dry cleaning removes all of this making your clothing less attractive to insects, increasing the lifespan of your garmets. Dry cleaners can also provide mothproofing to your clothing that will keep the insects away without making your clothing smell like moth balls.

Removal of Stains

Another way that garments meet an untimely demise is by set in stains. Frequent trips to the dry cleaner, with a heads up to them, can have all of the stains removed from your clothing. Removing stains helps to prevent them from turning colors or even oxidizing the cloth in your garments. These are the yellow and brown stains that you can never seem to get rid of which leads you to discard the garment.

Stain removal by dry cleaners will prevent stain oxidation and will prolong the life of your garments.

Removal of Dirt

Dirt can actually damage the fibers of your garments. As your garments move, dirt can act like sandpaper. This abrasive action will actually cause the fibers in your clothing to break down over time. This is how weak or thin spots can develop in a garment. While trips through your regular washer can get the majority of the dirt out, there may still be some left behind to do the damage.

Dry cleaners remove all of the ground in dirt that can cause fiber damage. Frequent trips will keep your clothing clean of dirt and prolong the lifespan of your garment.

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