What You Should Know About Dry Cleaning

Cleaner in laundry shop checking clean clothes

Every hear advice from someone about not needing to take a garment to the dry cleaners? “Oh, you can wash that yourself and save some money,” they might say. While it is true that some garments that are labeled dry clean only can be washed at home, the truth is that a good dry cleaner is more than a place to just get your clothes washed. Here are some things that you may not have known about your dry cleaner, and some reasons why to use them instead of attempting to wash things on your own.

Removing Odors is a Separate Process

Were you wearing your favorite sweater around a bunch of cigar smokers? Getting that odor out might take some additional cleaning than the standard dry clean process. If you are bringing a garment in to have a particular odor removed, make sure to mention it to the dry cleaner when you drop the garment off. That way they can make sure that any additional processes that need to be done to remove odors are performed on your garment to make sure it comes out smelling clean and fresh.

Hand Washing Cashmere is Time Consuming

Yes, you can wash your cashmere sweaters at home. The question is do you have the time, patience and steady hand that you need to make sure it comes out looking the same as before you started to clean it. Hand washing cashmere means a long drying process where the sweater needs to be blocked and flat. Dry cleaning helps you avoid having to do that. If you think you have the chops and the time to do it at home, go for it. It may be a bit trickier than you expect.

Dry Cleaners Test Those Labels

One dirty little secret about your garments is that they might be labeled incorrectly. Dry cleaners will often take the time to recognize when a care instruction seems to be off the mark and will adjust the cleaning process to ensure the garment is not damaged while it is cleaned. This takes the experience and expertise of someone who handles different fabrics on a daily basis.

There is More to Cleaning than Cleaning

When all the stains are removed and the odors are out, your garment may still need to be finished. At home you may be able to get the stains out, but do you have the equipment to remove all the wrinkles, set, finish and shape your garments? Finishing is an important step that your dry cleaner performs for you so that your garments come back looking their best.

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