What to do About Those Stains


No matter how careful you are, clothes get stained. As the weather starts to improve, all sorts of new ways to get our clothing tarnished are around. Here are some quick ways to deal with stains you might be running into as the weather improves and you head outside for some fun in the sun.

Remember, with any of these methods you want to use a small hidden part of the cloth to test out on first. Some fabrics may not interact well with some cleaners or even water. When in doubt, visit a professional laundry or dry cleaner for advice and service.

Grass Stains

Being outside at a park or in the yard means there is grass around. It also means grass stains. The best way to get rid of them is to prevent them from setting. Pretreat your grass stains with laundry detergent that is designed for breaking down stains. If you don’t have that handy, try using a spray bottle that is filled with equal parts of vinegar and water. This will help to break down the grass and some rubbing should remove the stain.

Mud and Dirt

There is plenty of mud and dirt to go around when you head outside. Start by getting all the loose or flaking dirt off of the stain. If you have some with you, use a little stain pretreatment. Soak your stained clothes for about a half hour in cold water then wash regularly as per the instructions on the garment.


Whether it comes from a bicycle, a hamburger or a car, grease stains can be some of the most troublesome to get rid of. There are quite a few suggestions as the best way to handle them, but the most simple is to use a dish detergent or some soap that is meant to break down grease. Work that into the fabric then rinse the stain away.

Food Stains

A picnic or barbecue it a potential minefield of stains. If you somehow manage to not dodge the ketchup, barbeque sauces or mustard, then you need to treat the stain quickly. Use cold water to prevent the stain from setting into the fibers of the cloth then wash as soon as possible.

Chewing Gum

While not exclusive to summer, gum can be particularly nasty if you pick up someone else’s from a hot parking lot or road. Freezing the gum and scraping it off is the best method to get if off your garments. Use an ice cube if your garment can stand up to the water, or try putting it into the freezer if not.

If you still can’t seem to get those stains out or need some professional assistance, head down to your Kerrisdale dry cleaner West Boulevard Cleaners. We can help to remove stains and get your garments clean and looking like new. Contact us today to find out more about our service and our convenient drop off and pickup.

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