Is Washing Your Bathing Suit Really a Good Idea?

Think about how much you have spent on your favorite bathing suit. Not to mention the time that it took to pick out one that had the right look and fit. So after spending all of that time and money, why would you just toss it into the washing machine?

It is hard to believe that something made to take the chemicals of a swimming pool could be so easy to damage. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider taking your swimsuit to your local dry cleaners instead of washing it yourself.

Detergents Cause Colors to Fade
What is the fastest way to make the colors fade on your bathing suit?─Using laundry detergent. It turns out that regular laundry detergents are just too harsh to be used on most swim suits. The spandex material that they are made of just can’t stand up to the chemical punishment.
If you have a stain that must be treated immediately, then you can safely use a small amount of hand soap. Otherwise, keep the laundry detergent, especially the bleach, away from your swimwear.

Washing Machine Agitators Damage Fabrics

Just like you should not use laundry detergent on your swimsuit, you should also keep it away from the washing machine. Washing machines work by a process called agitation. While this works great for cleaning stronger fabrics, your swimwear just can’t stand up to the punishment. Agitation in a washing machine will only cause damage. If you have to wash a swimsuit, make sure to do it by hand. This way you can handle the suit gently and reduce any damage that might be done to it.

Never Put a Swimsuit in the Dryer
If the agitation of a washing machine can damage your swimsuit, imagine what the same process can do with heat added. Do yourself a favor, keep your swimwear out of the dryer. The best way to dry a swimsuit is to lie it on a flat surface, in the shade. Hanging it can cause the water to pool and stretch out the fabrics. Leaving it in the sun can cause the colors to fade. The best place for it to dry is on your laundry room table.

Remember to Rinse your Swimwear Off After Swimming
You want to clean your swimwear as soon after using it as possible. While you do not have to hop in the car right away and head down to West Boulevard Cleaners to get it cleaned, you should rinse it off right after swimming. This will prevent chemical smells from pools or algae from lakes taking hold on your suit and giving it an odor. When you hop in the shower to rinse off before you change, give your suit a rinse while you are still wearing it. Then lie it flat on a towel and roll it up for storage.

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