Tips to Beat High Gas Costs

I am sure that you have noticed the unbelievable increase in gas prices in Vancouver.  If these prices have left you scratching your head and checking your wallet, you are not alone.  As the premier eco-friendly dry cleaners in Kitsilano, we would like to offer you the following cost saving tips so you can save some money and beat these high gas costs.

Drive Less

The easiest way to save money at the pumps is to consume less fuel.  This may be easier said than done, but with Vancouver’s excellent transit system and a little pre-planning you may be surprised how easy it is to find a public transit route that works for you.  In addition to public transit, you can also curb your reliance on gas by:

  • Walking to your local grocery store, work or other places where you may have used your car.
  • Find alternate methods of transportation such as a bicycle – there are many convenient and excellent bike lanes that connect the entire city.
  • Completing a wide range of errands at one time. Instead of several different trips to your grocery store, hardware store etc., try to establish a route that will burn the least amount of fuel and a schedule that will let you complete many of these tasks in sequence.


Carpooling can be an effective way to save money at the pumps and still give you the convenience of your car. Another bonus of carpooling is that you can use the much faster HOV lanes that exist.  Try to find a neighbour or work colleague that is interested and understands the advantages of carpooling.  Not only will you save money, you may make a new friend and find that those long commutes to work are not only faster but a lot friendlier.

Pickup and Delivery Services

Another great way to save money is to take full advantage of company services.  At West Coast Boulevard Cleaners, we offer a free pick-up and delivery service that will not only help you save gas and money, it will also save you time.  We offer a free, downloadable app to help you schedule at your convenience pick-up and drop off times.

Our eco-friendly business approach goes far beyond just our cleaning services.  Our green philosophy extends throughout our entire business model and our free pickup and delivery service is another part of this ideology.  Like you, we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and do what is best for our environment and our beautiful city at the same time.  Make sure to take full advantage of this free and reliable service.

Call or stop by today to see how you can benefit from our eco-friendly cleaning products.  Do not forget to inquire about our free pick-up and delivery service and schedule your cleaning services today.  We look forward to seeing you soon.



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