Tips for Summer Clothing Storage

With fall upon us and winter quickly approaching, it is time to think about putting those shorts and tank tops away for the season. There are many suggestions floating around about the right way to prepare clothes for storage, but which ones are right? Here are some clothing storage tips for your summer outfits and having them come out looking great when you are ready for them.

Make Sure to Clean

Having your items cleaned before you get ready to put them away is important. Stains can set in the longer that they stay on your clothes. This means putting away a washed, but slightly stained, piece of clothing can end up setting the stain so that it will never come out.

Before putting anything into storage, you want to make sure that it is completely cleaned, washed and as stain-free as possible. Having your clothes professionally washed by West Boulevard Cleaners is a great way to get them ready to be put away for the season. Make sure that if there are any summer odors you want removed to mention that when you are getting them cleaned.

Don’t be Heavy Handed with Mothballs

While they are pretty much out of favor, you may still consider using moth balls when you are going to store your clothing. Remember, however, that mothballs, like any other chemical, should be used in moderation. Mothballs carry a very distinct and heavy smell with them that can permanently attach itself to your clothing. Moderation is critical when using any storage chemical.

Pick the Right Storage

Cedar and cedar chests are a great place for clothing storage. Plastic containers can also be good if you are sure that your clothing is free of insect larva and you remember to use acid-free tissue. Cardboard boxes are okay for temporary storage, but tend to stain and attract insects. Whichever container you choose, make sure to prep your clothing properly to avoid damage.

Store in a Cool, Dark and Dry Place

Wherever you choose to store your clothes, you are going to want to make sure that the area is cool, dark and dry. The dark will help to prevent your colors from fading. The cool and dry will protect the fabrics of the clothing. It should go without saying that your storage area is also as clean as it can possibly be. Make sure to clean out any dust or dirt before putting your clothing there. Dust can contain dust mites and insect larva that will eventually eat away at your clothing.

 Try Not to Hang

Hanging your garments for long-term clothing storage can cause damage. You should avoid it if you can. Folding and then stacking loosely is a much better way to store your clothes over the winter.

Contact West Boulevard cleaners to have your clothing professional cleaned before putting it into winter storage.

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