Workout Clothes

Take Care of the Workout Clothes

Working out in the summer means being able to go outside instead of looking at the inside of a gym. If you want to keep your workout clothes looking — and smelling — their best for jogging in the park or on the local trail, then you are going to need to make sure to properly care for them. Here are some tips for keeping your workout clothing in as good a shape as you feel after you are done working out in them.

Don’t Store After Your Workout

If you don’t want your workout clothing smelling like the inside of a hockey team’s locker room, then you are going to want to get them out of the gym bag as soon as possible. Bacteria that cause things to smell love to grow in a warm, dark place. Add the moisture that is left over from your workout and you have a perfect breeding ground for all the wrong types of critters. As soon as you get home from your workout, place them in the laundry room or somewhere else with plenty of air to deter bacteria growth.

Control the Smell

No matter how vigilant you are, some bacteria are still going to end up growing. The best way to kill them is with some kind of chemical agent. Diluting a little white vinegar into water and adding that to your wash can help to kill the bacteria. No bacteria, no smell and you can feel comfortable pulling your clothes out for the next workout.

Use Cold Water

Buying new workout clothes because they are faded is one thing. Buying them because you shrank them in the wash is another. Use cold water to ensure that your workout clothes stay the right size and don’t need to become hand me downs to your much younger siblings or your children.

Air Dry

Instead of tossing them in the dryer, consider letting them air dry. Air drying is much gentler on clothing. If you have enough time by planning ahead, you can prolong the life of your workout gear greatly by skipping the machine and letting evaporation do the job.

Watch the Detergent

Don’t fall prey to the idea that if the clothes are “more dirty” that you need more detergent to clean them. Overusing laundry detergent can actually damage your clothing more than you realize. Detergent is full of harsh chemicals and other things that attack the fibers your clothing is made from. Using more just adds more chemicals to the mix that will eventually wear the cloth out. Keeping the amount of detergent that you use small will limit the damage that is done in the machine.

Drop them Off at West Boulevard Cleaners

If you want to keep the chemicals out of the picture altogether, West Boulevard cleaners are your green Kerrisdale dry cleaners. No harsh chemicals and you can have your workout clothes picked up at one of our convenient drop off spots. You can pick them up the next day and be back on the workout trail in no time.

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