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How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter

If you’re anything like us, cooler weather has you feeling downright giddy. We’re all about putting on a fire, wrapping up in a blanket and getting cozy with a good book—and what better place to do that than here in Vancouver? Thankfully, when it comes to taking care of your winter wardrobe, your Kitsilano dry cleaners have got your back.

But what about your summer clothes? It’s time to put them away for the year, but how can you be sure they’ll last? Proper storage isn’t just about organization, although that is super important; it’s also about keeping them safely tucked away without taking on some mysterious odor over the next six months.

Here are our top recommended tips for storing your summer clothes in winter. You’ll thank yourself when the weather warms up again and your dresses and swimsuits are all exactly how you left them!

1. Wash all your clothes—and dry them.

You heard us! It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s very easy to forget to properly wash your clothes before putting them away for the season. If left for several months, stains will likely settle in properly and may even start growing mold while in storage. Check every clothing item thoroughly to make sure there wasn’t a spill you forgot about! And be sure to let them all dry properly as well—you don’t want to open your storage boxes to the smell of mildew.

2. Use storage boxes under the bed.

Keeping the area underneath your bed clear of clutter is very important to having an organized home, as it also allows for you to have room to store plastic boxes whenever necessary. Don’t store clothes in sunlight, especially if the plastic boxes you’re using are transparent, as the colors will be more likely to fade. If you don’t have space under the bed, tuck your boxes away somewhere that is generally cool and dark. Also, lay your items out properly when stuffing your boxes to prevent wrinkling.

3. Use garment bags.

If you have nice summer dresses that might not benefit so much from being shoved in a box with other things, a nylon or plastic garment bag is a good idea to keep them separate and safe. They can simply hang in your closet, taking up very little space from the rest of your wardrobe.

4. Keep the moths and smells away.

To prevent your clothes from getting those teeny moth holes this winter, it’s a good idea to invest in some cedar wood sachets. Cedar won’t leave any smells or cause mildew, but it does wonders to keep the moths away! Also, tucking dryer sheets in between clothing items is a great way to keep them smelling fresh all year.

5. Clean your dresses and delicates at your Kitsilano dry cleaners.

Of course, many of your summer dresses won’t do well with a regular wash and fold. Give them a more loving touch by visiting us at West Boulevard Cleaners, with our newly open Kitsilano dry cleaners branch!

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