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Stay Safe with Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Everyone has a few articles of clothing in their wardrobe that are either in desperate need of a dry cleaning or are regularly dry cleaned. Either way, everyone should use a dry cleaner. There are many reasons as to why dry cleaning is important. Probably the most important reason however, is that dry cleaning will get some of the stains out of your clothes that a regular washing cycle cannot and it will keep your clothes looking and feeling like new. Here are a few of the factors you may want to consider when choosing a dry cleaners that is right for you.

Go Green
Lately, the dry cleaning industry has come under a lot of fire. This is due to the fact that traditional dry cleaning methods are dangerous to not only the environment, but also to you. The reason that the traditional dry cleaning method is so dangerous is because of the chemicals that are used. That chemical is known as tetrachloroethylene or PERC for short.

This chemical has been linked to many different health concerns and has been said to be carcinogenic or having the ability to cause cancer with long term exposure. PERC damages the environment and greatly affects the air quality. PERC is used in the traditional dry cleaning process and is in the fibers of your clothes if they have been dry cleaned. With long term exposure, PERC can affect the nervous system, brain activity and development and in extreme cases can be carcinogenic.

With that being said, there are many great alternatives to the traditional dry cleaning approach. When choosing a dry cleaners, you may want to consider one that uses eco-friendly green ways of laundering your clothes. These eco-friendly ways will not pollute the environment, nor will they harm you like traditional dry cleaning methods that use PERC.

There are many different dry cleaners who are competing for your business. When choosing a dry cleaners that will suit your needs, consider seeing what services each offers and base your decision on these services. For instance, do they offer free pick-up and delivery? Extra convenient services as well as competitive and friendly customer service are great reasons to stay with a dry cleaners.

At West Boulevard cleaners we offer a free pick-up and delivery service. As the premier eco-friendly dry cleaners in Vancouver we believe in using environmentally friendly methods to get your clothes clean and keeping them looking and feeling like new. We offer professional and friendly customer service as well as competitive prices on all of our services. We are a local, family-run business and are proud to call Vancouver home. We look forward to becoming your neighborhood dry cleaners.

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