Simplify Your Life with Dry Cleaning

You have probably walked or driven past your local dry cleaners countless times. You probably don’t think twice about using their services unless you have some formal clothes that you need to be cleaned for an upcoming event. West Boulevard Cleaners is not just a place to get your formal wear cleaned! There are plenty of reasons that you should be using your local dry cleaners.

Dry Cleaners Make Life Easy
Do you come home after work and just stare at the large pile of laundry that it seems you will never have the time to clean? Stop staring and let us do the work for you! West Boulevard Cleaners offer several services for laundering everyday clothes that can make your life easier. We also offer free pickup and delivery services, so you do not have to go out of your way. Drop off the bag we provide by 8 am and it will be back before 5 pm the next day.

It is Better for your Clothes
Dry cleaning is a better way to clean your clothes. Not only does dry cleaning do less damage to the fibers by preventing wear and shrinking, but it also removes stubborn grease and breaks down dirt and grime. Dry cleaning can help to keep your clothes looking great for longer. The best part is that West Boulevard Cleaners uses solvent free chemicals that are safe for the environment!

We are Fabric Experts
Have you ever stood in front of your washing machine wondering if what you have in your hand can go inside? If you do put it in what is the right temperature, detergent and speed to wash it at? Stop worrying and wondering and let us do it for you.
We are experts and have experience with all types of fabric, and with dry cleaning, there is no fear of damage to the fabric itself. Don’t worry about the differences between silk and a synthetic blend. We will do the heavy lifting for you.

Not Just for Clothes
Do you have a rug, tablecloth or sheets that you would like to have cleaned? Then bring them to us! Dry cleaning is not just for clothes. We handle all types of household items. Don’t waste your time trying to fit your oversized comforter into your apartment sized washer. We have the right equipment to get the Job done.

Looking for a Kitsilano Dry Cleaner?
If you are looking for a dry cleaner, then check out West Boulevard Cleaners today!

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