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Secrets You Should Know About Your Dry Cleaner

If you diligently read your clothing labels, then you know what clothing you can wash and what you will need to take to a dry cleaner. What you didn’t know is that often labels are very wrong. Many times clothing that should be taken to your Kerrisdale dry cleaner isn’t, while other clothing that would be perfectly safe to wet wash are labeled exclusively dry clean. Here are some other secrets you may not know about your dry cleaner!

Dry Cleaners Test Labels

Most dry cleaners deal with different types of clothing all day long. They get a feel for what they can and can’t do and will often take their own advice over what is written on a dry cleaning label. This means when clothing says it is perfectly safe to have dry cleaned, a good dry cleaner like West Boulevard cleaners will make sure to do a test patch before just tossing your garment into the wash.

You Can Wash Your Own Cashmere

While we may not like to face that fact, cashmere can actually be hand-washed at home. No, you cannot just toss it into the washing machine and walk away. Washing cashmere takes a long, involved and patience-filled process. If you are game, then you certainly can do it. Just make sure to dry that sweater flat or you may end up with a mess.  Alternately, you can just bring your sweater to West Boulevard Cleaners and let us do all the work!

Odor is Not Removed by Dry Cleaning

While the process of dry cleaning will get all of the stains and dirt out of your clothing, odors will remain. If you wish to have particular odors removed from your clothing, you will need to mention that to your dry cleaner and have them use a textile deodorizer. Otherwise, they may not do it automatically and your garments will be returned to you with the smell still in them. We want you to be happy, so make sure to let us know what you want!

Dry Cleaning Does Dot Leave Smells

A good dry cleaning should leave no particular smells in your clothing. This is true of all dry cleaning, not just the green chemicals that are used by West Boulevard Cleaners. While our processes are certainly more environmentally friendly, they are no different than a standard dry cleaner when it comes to smells.

If you do notice a petroleum smell to your clothing after you get them dry cleaned it is probably because of the plastic bag that they were returned to you in. That is the only reason to air out your clothes after taking them to the dry cleaner.

Trust your expensive and delicate clothing to your Kerrisdale dry cleaners, West Boulevard Cleaners! Contact us today for any of your dry cleaning needs.

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