The Scary Truth about Traditional Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has been around for decades and is a very useful service when it comes to getting certain articles of clothing spot free. However, over the past few years, it has come to light that the traditional dry cleaning methods are linked to harsh chemicals. Some have even drawn links to carcinogenic effects from these chemicals. Here is an overview of traditional dry cleaning methods and why a greener more eco-friendly approach is not only a far better approach for your health, but it will also be just as effective when it comes to removing stains and getting your clothes looking like new.

The most common chemical used in over 85% of all traditional dry cleaners is PERC. This is the acronym for the chemical known as perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene. These chemicals are commonly used as degreasers and have been linked to health problems such as liver damage, infertility issues and in some cases, cancer. By using an eco-friendly dry cleaning method, such as the one offered at West Boulevard Cleaners you will avoid any contact with this dangerous and perhaps carcinogenic chemical.

Health Issues
Several studies have found that exposure to PERC is unsafe, especially over long periods of time. These studies have found that even low levels of PERC such as those found in dry cleaned clothes may cause adverse effects over prolonged periods. A good way to tell if your clothes have been exposed to PERC is when you open your dry cleaning bag, if you get a sweet, sharp smell that is a good indication that your clothes have been exposed to this dangerous chemical.

Environmental Concerns
PERC not only is a concern for human health, it also is toxic to the environment. Unfortunately, PERC is found in our air, earth and drinking water. The effects of PERC in the air are well documented and the chemical helps to contribute to smog and can be a lung irritant, especially in large doses. However, the effects of PERC in our drinking water and in the soil have not been properly studied and little is known about its effects. The less PERC is used on our environment, the cleaner our air, water and soil will be. Choose a greener approach to dry cleaning the next time you need stains removed from your clothing.

Healthier Alternatives
As the premier Kitsilano dry cleaners, we understand the concerns of traditional dry cleaning methods. That is why we use all eco-friendly green alternative methods to get your clothes stain and spot free and offer that same dry cleaning look and feel without any carcinogenic chemical residue. The next time you are in the market for dry cleaning, stop by and let our friendly staff show you a new, greener approach to getting your clothes looking and feeling like new. We look forward to seeing you!

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