Protect Your Wool – How to Free Your Wardrobe of Moths! – Part 2

If you have ever had one of your favorite shirts or sweaters ruined by moths, you will know the frustration and work it takes to prevent more ruined clothes. Sometimes, washing and storing your clothes is just enough to ensure that you have taken care of the moths in your wardrobe. Here is the final steps to help prevent another moth outbreak in your closet or drawers.

Moth Repellent
Before storing your clothes or putting them away, it is a good idea to look into some type of natural moth repellent. There are many different types available, but some of the more popular ones are:

Cedar is a great natural moth repellent as the cedar fumes are toxic to moths. It is a great idea to hang all of your clothes on cedar hangers and use cedar shavings, blocks or balls in your closet and drawers. Keep in mind that over time the cedar fumes will dissipate and the cedar will need to be sanded to release more fumes.

Dried Lavender
Dried lavender can also prove to be an effective moth repellent. Fill a bag with dried lavender and hang in your closet or store in your drawer with your woolen clothes.

Essential Oils
Essential oils of thyme, rosemary or cloves will also help keep the moths away. Spray or sprinkle a little bit of these oils in your drawer or closet for a natural moth repellent.

Moth Balls
Moth balls may be the most effective way of keeping moths away from clothes. Before going out and purchasing them however, be aware that moth balls are chemicals and do have carcinogenic properties. Not only are they poisonous for moths, they are also poisonous to people. If you decide to use moth balls, make sure to store them in airtight spaces and in areas that are well ventilated and away from people.

Extreme Cases
If you have an extreme moth infestation, and you have followed all of the above steps to no avail, it may be time to get in an exterminator to help with your moth problem. These professionals may be able to get to the hard to reach areas to solve your moth problem once and for all.

If you have any questions around how to properly deal with moths in your wardrobe, we are here to help. We are an eco-friendly dry cleaner in Kitsilano with free pick-up and delivery. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff understand how to properly deal with moths and other types of intrusive insects and would love to be a part of your permanent moth solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

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