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How to Properly Clean Wool Blankets

Wool is one of our favorite things about colder weather. No matter what other materials you wrap yourself in or how high you turn up the heat, nothing ever feels as cozy as wrapping up in a wool blanket in front of a fire. Of course, it’s best to visit your local Kitsilano dry cleaners to take care of your woolens, as you want to be able to use them for years to come!

But sometimes there’s a spillage, or you don’t have time to drop off your wool blankets at the nearest Kitsilano dry cleaners. What to do? Don’t panic; these are the top steps to follow to properly care for your wool blankets at home.

1. Don’t wash and dry your wool blankets.

Wool is a very sturdy fabric, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle it with the utmost care. It can be very delicate and easily ruined by water—the outer layer will repel water, so traditional washing is tough. If you need to get out a stain, simply spot cleaning it before hanging it to dry should be enough. A good, natural spot cleaner is using vinegar that’s been diluted in water. Seltzer also works well to get rid of fresh stains on wool.

If the wool has been dyed, however, it absolutely needs to be taken to the dry cleaners if it’s not colorfast. Spot test your blanket with a damp cloth to see if any of the dye comes off—if it does, it’s not colorfast, and it simply needs to be dry-cleaned for proper care.

2. Shake it out.

Sometimes, though, the best you can do for your wool blanket is to simply shake out loose dirt and hang it up to air out. Dirt is solid, so the movement of shaking helps lift it and get it right out of there.

3. Use just a little soap.

If your wool blankets are musty from having been in storage for months, it’s fine to give them a bath. But don’t use strong soap, and make sure the pH is neutral. And use much less than you think you need. Soap goes a long way! And remember, no scrubbing; the soap will do its job if you just let it soak in water for a bit. You don’t want to damage the fibers of your blanket or it’s shape by scrubbing too vigorously.

4. Don’t wring—roll.

Wool holds so much water that you might be tempted to wring your blanket out after it’s been soaking. Do not do this! You’ll likely cause it to be misshapen forever. Instead, simply roll it up in a towel, which will absorb the excess moisture. It’ll take time, and possible several towels, but it’ll be worth it.

5. Visit your local Kitsilano dry cleaners.

Of course, your best option to care for your beloved wool blankets is to visit your local dry cleaners. Our new West Boulevard Cleaners location is now open on West 4th Ave—be sure to stop by soon!

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