Proper Suit Care

Menswear special occasion suitA suit is a must have garment for any man and perhaps the most versatile outfit one will find in a closet. The ideal attire for many occasions, from weddings to job interviews to dates, suits are appropriate for so many functions, including dinners, parties and everyday business wear. With so many styles, cuts and colours out there, there is a suit to fit any man’s budget and taste. Suits always make a good impression, unless they are dirty or worn. So what is the appropriate care for this versatile item of clothing?

A special occasion suit needs to be cleaned at least once a year. An annual cleaning is necessary for the suit you wear on rare occasions such as to a friends’ wedding or an interview for your dream job. If you wear a suit more than a few times a year, you obviously need to have a regular dry cleaning schedule. Even if your suit does not show signs of soiling or stains, it’s a good idea to clean the garment at least twice annually. Without proper cleaning, fibers can slowly get matted down from wear and this dirt can permanently adhere to the fiber. By removing this dirt and fluffing up these fibers, you can keep your suit looking like new.

When you are not wearing your suit or cleaning it, make sure you are storing it properly. It is important to let your suit breathe between wearings. Be careful not to keep it stored in an airtight plastic bag. Storing your suit in this manner can lead to mildew or mold forming on your favourite blazer. Instead, hang your garment neatly on a hanger in your closet or if you do want to keep it in a garment bag, leave the bag half zipped to let the material breathe. Moreover, make sure to hang it on a non-wire hanger as wire hangers tend to crease the material. We recommend a wooden hanger such as cedar which will not cause creasing, absorb moisture and is even an insect repellent to keep away moths.

Proper care can greatly increase the longevity of your favourite suit and keep you looking your best. We can help you care for your suit and ensure that it is cleaned properly to keep it looking like new. We’re a highly rated west side Vancouver dry cleaner that specializes in eco-friendly dry cleaning, and we offer pick-up and delivery service as well. We would love to help you take proper care of your favourite suit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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