Proper Care of Sports Jerseys

Washington Capitals v Florida Panthers

The NHL playoffs are finally here and to add to the excitement, the Canucks are competing for a chance at the Stanley Cup. There is a certain spark of excitement in the city at this time of year and a comradery as Vancouver cheers on its Canucks in their playoff run. This is also a great time of year to get out your old or new Canuck’s jersey and wear it with pride to work, to school or just out in public to show your allegiance. Remember the old adage: we are all Canucks.

Regardless of your allegiance and favourite team, one thing that is true of all sports jerseys is that they are an expensive item and need to be properly taken care of so you can enjoy them for many seasons to come. Here are some tips to help keep your sports jersey looking good for many playoff runs.

Read the Label

Most jerseys are made of polyester or other synthetic materials. Although these materials are easily cared for, the numbers, lettering and crests may require other care. It is always recommended to turn your jersey inside out to wash it and then turn it right side out to prevent any of the lettering from sticking.

Remember to always read and follow the instructions on the label! Although this tip may seem trivial, it is very important. Extra heat can quickly fade, damage or shrink your jersey, so follow instructions very closely.

Check for signs of wear

Nothing lasts forever. This is also true of your favourite jersey. Over time, your jersey will show signs of wear. This may include holes, frayed edges, open seams or stitching around letters or the crest coming apart. Repair these minor signs of wear before they develop into something more major. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Removing Stains

Perhaps you spilt some mustard on your jersey at the game last night. That unsightly blob of mustard can ruin your pristine jersey if the stain is not properly taken care of. Stains such as these or red wine, grease or coffee need extra attention and will not come out in a regular wash. To keep your jersey looking its newest, it is best to remove these stains with dry cleaning.

Autographed Jerseys

If you are lucky enough to have an autographed jersey, dry cleaning is highly recommended, as it would be a shame to lose that once in a lifetime autograph in the wash cycle at home.

Your favourite sports jersey is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a banner, an expression of being a part of your favourite team. It is an opportunity to show the world who you are cheering for. In Vancouver, we have that opportunity right now to be a part of a run by our beloved Canucks. We here at West Boulevard Cleaners want to help keep your jersey clean and stain free for this playoff run and many more.

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