Myths About Starch

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Ever avoid taking your clothes to a cleaner because they use starch? While it is true that most laundry services do use starch on your clothing, most of all the other rumors you may have heard about starch are probably not true. Here are some common misconceptions about starch and its use by dry cleaners.

Starch Makes Clothes Itchy

This has to be one of the most common myths out there about laundry starch. Fact is, there may be a tiny bit of truth behind it. People can be allergic to laundry starch, just like they can be allergic to any other chemical used on their laundry.

But, just like laundry detergent, all starches are not created equal. Many laundry starches are made up of different types of chemicals. So if you know of one that causes you problems, talk to your dry cleaner about a different kind. Odds are you are not allergic to all of them, but one specific brand.

Modern Starch is Made of Chemicals

This myth may or may not follow along with the itchy myth. There is a common misconception that laundry starch is made up of lots of strange chemicals or other artificial means. This isn’t the case.

Laundry starch is really the same thing that is found in flour, potatoes or corn. Sure, there is some processing that is done to make it able to be applied from a spray bottle or can, but those are not what the starch is primarily made of. Dry cleaners use it primarily to help your clothes keep their shape and form between cleanings.

Use More Starch

A little bit of starch goes along way. Your dry cleaner is knowledgeable in just how much starch is appropriate for your clothing. If you feel that your clothes don’t have the proper feel, then talk to your dry cleaner about what kind of starch they are using and what your expectations are. They should be able to help you and get your clothes the way you want them. If you are considering home starching between cleanings, it may be a good idea to speak with them about the type and amount of starch they use.

Too Much Starch Makes Clothes Too Stiff and Uncomfortable

Starch, when used in the proper quantities, will make your clothes hold their shape and form. If your clothes are stiff and uncomfortable after they have been starched, then it may just be that the starch was improperly applied by the person who did it. Starch should make your clothes hold their shape, not become so stiff and brittle that they are uncomfortable for you. If you have had a bad experience in the past with laundry starch, talk to your dry cleaner about how they use it.

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