Make Your Home’s Clothing Last

You aren’t the only one that wears clothes; take a look around your house. No, not at the sweater you have on your dog, we’re talking about your home here! Bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths and pillows are all things that you use to dress up your home. Why shouldn’t you take the same care with these items that you do with your clothing?

Care Tags for Home Textiles

Clothing usually has attached care tags that are hard to remove. There are no regulations that say what kind of care instructions should come on your comforter. This means that you can often lose the instructions and not know how to properly clean and maintain these items. Never fear, your dry cleaner can help.

Don’t ruin what your dry cleaner can do safely. Not only is it easier for a dry cleaner to handle large volume items like a comforter (let’s face it, who wants to go to the laundry mat to use the extra-large washer?) but the dry cleaning process will be safe for the material, regardless of the care instructions.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Strong Smells

Much like gremlins, your household textiles can and will be damaged by sunlight. These items can be particularly vulnerable because they may sit immobile in sunlight every day for hours at a time. Colors will eventually fade and even the fabric can become brittle and tear.

Strong smells and fumes can also damage home textiles. The smells will linger on the cloth and the cloth will eventually pick up the smell. Particularly potent fumes, like cigarette smoke, can even fade colors or leave stains. 

Repair Damage

If you notice that your curtains have a small tear or there is a hole in your comforter, don’t wait to have them fixed. First, the damage can get larger just with regular use. Next thing you know that small tear on the corner is now a large rip that will be very noticeable to replace.

Secondly, cleaning items with damage can ruin them for good. Repairing the damage right away will ensure that you don’t forget about it and then toss it in the dryer only to find it ruined when you go to get it out.

Clean Items Regularly

If you notice that your pillow has some stains on it, don’t give them time to set. You wouldn’t let a stain set in your favorite outfit, so there is no reason to do the same with your favorite comforter. Treating the stain and getting it into the wash or over to the cleaners will ensure that stain is removed.

Also, don’t let your items become overly soiled. You may be tempted to let curtains hang for a very long time, only to find that you can’t get the dirt off when you finally go to wash them. Follow a regular cleaning cycle.

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