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How to Care for Your Wool Garments

Fall is here, and that means soon you might be stepping out of the house in a wool sweater or donning your fashionable wool coat. Whether you look trend worthy or like you bought clothing that’s ten sizes too small, however, depends on how well you care for your wool items beforehand. Giving your woolens a little extra attention will not only have you showing up to events looking smart, but will also help extend the life of your garments.

Below are some useful tips for cleaning and caring for wool clothing. These ideas will help take care of minor problems and keep woolens looking fresh longer, but for more extensive cleaning make sure to visit your Kitsilano dry cleaners.

To Prevent and Remove Pilling

Woven fabrics will naturally pill after repeated wearing, leaving unsightly balls of fuzz all over your garments. Fortunately, pilling on natural fibers like wool is easier to deal with than pilling on synthetic fabrics. To make your sweaters pill at a slower rate, allow them to rest for a day or so. This gives the fibers a chance to return to their original shape after stretching while worn. To remove existing pilling, run a small short bristled brush over the garment with short, firm strokes.

To Remove Stains

To get rid of stains on wool clothing, timeliness is the key to success. Treat stains as soon as possible by rinsing the fabric with cold water or seltzer then blotting the garment dry with a clean cloth. Don’t scrub the item as this may set the stain. For stubborn stains or stains that have been on the item for a long time, a professional dry cleaner has more options at his or her disposal.

To Remove Wrinkles

To revive a wrinkled item, hang it in a steamy bathroom while showering. Alternatively, use an iron set to the wool or steam setting if you have access to one.

To Prevent Shrinkage

Wool garments are notorious for shrinking when put through a machine wash cycle. To avoid accidentally creating clothing fit for a small doll, never put wool items in the washer. Instead, hand wash your clothing in cold water. Afterward, gently roll the items in a towel, reshape them then lay them flat to dry.

To Prevent Stretching

Along with shrinking, woven items like wool are also known for their ability to stretch in undesirable ways. To prevent this, never use thin wire hangers to hang your wool clothing. Opt instead for padded hangers that are shaped to fit the contour of the garments. Additionally, never wring out wet woolens or squeeze them too hard when drying them in a towel. Doing so will cause the items to become misshapen.

Dealing with Mold and Moths

Storing wool clothing that’s still damp is a recipe for mold growth. Make sure that all wool items are completely dry before putting them away in a closet or drawer. To keep moths and silverfish out of your clothes, mothballs are the tried and true method. If you don’t like the smell of mothballs or want something more natural, using cedar hangers or sachets will also keep insect pests at bay.

Visit West Boulevard Cleaners, Your Kitsilano Dry Cleaners

Even with the best care, it’s still a good idea to have your woolens dry cleaned at least once a year. Get ready for fall by stopping in with your wool clothing at West Boulevard Cleaners, servicing Kerrisdale and Kitsilano, today!

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