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Khatsalano Festival 2018

Kitsilano is one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Part of the draw is that it is trendy and offers a large variety of shops, restaurants, services and events. One of the most popular events in the neighbourhood is Khatsalano, Vancouver’s largest free music and arts festival. As the premier eco -friendly professional cleaners in Kitsilano, we would like to offer you a brief overview of this popular event and its history.

About Khatsalano

Khatsalano is Vancouver’s largest free music and arts festival and the place to be this July. This multi- stage event is headlined by more than 50 of Vancouver’s top musical performers as well as a host of local artisans and street performers. Khatsalano 2018 is a 10 block affair that spans from Burrard Street to MacDonald Street.

In addition to live entertainment, Khatsalano 2018 boasts a wide variety of food options, bustling patios, special activities and even a licensed beer garden. Khatsalano is a family friendly event and is a great way to spend a wonderful day in the city. Make sure to circle your calendar for July 7 and enjoy all that Khastalano 2018 has to offer.

A Brief History of the Festival

Khatsalano was started in 2011 and is enjoying its 7th year. The original festival was organized with Woodstock in mind and was tied to the Woodstock’s 40th anniversary.

Khatsalano’s name pays tribute to the First Nation’s that inhabited the area for over 1000 years and more specifically to Chief August Jack Khatsalano who was a Squamish medicine man that was instrumental in recording First Nation history and culture.

The festival’s main focus is to convey and preserve the true essence of West 4th Avenue – a laid back yet creative atmosphere that continues to offer a free-spirited lifestyle.

Highlights and Headliners

Every year the headliners and various musical attractions grow. This year the main musical headliners include:

  • Bif Naked – Has released over 10 albums and has enjoyed international success as well as a gold and platinum selling record. Her distinct sound and advocacy has allowed Bif to enjoy a wide range of success and is a must see at the festival.
  • Frazey Ford – If you like soul music, then Frazey Ford is the headliner you will want to see. Make sure to take in the passion and unique sound that Frazey brings to the stage.
  • Slow – One of the most influential punk bands in Canada, Slow brings a brand of rock n roll to the stage that is infectious to say the least. Come see the band that brought Expo 86 to its knees and is considered a Canadian icon.
  • Malcolm Jack – A folk artist of cosmic proportions, Malcolm Jack brings a one of a kind sound to his storytelling and lyrics. Make sure to see Malcolm Jack and hear music from his upcoming album at Khatsalano 2018.

This is just a small selection of some of the bigger stages at the festival. You will want to look your best for this exciting event so make sure to bring your festival clothes in for an eco-friendly professional cleaning. We are proud to be a part of the Kitsilano neighbourhood and all that it embodies and would love to help you look your best for Khatsalano 2018.

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