How to Keep your Merino Wool Looking Great – Part 2

Merino wool is a must have for the damp and sometimes cold winters of the North West coast. Because of its breathability, its softness and its ability to insulate in almost all conditions, Merino wool garments are something that can be worn almost daily. Merino wool is considered a delicate garment but with the right care and attention, you should be able to keep your Merino wool looking and feeling great for many years. Merino wool or any delicate material is best dry cleaned, especially with our safe and green solutions, but if it is a quick clean it is important to follow the following instructions. Here is the second part of the steps to properly care for your Merino garments.

How to keep your Merino wool clean – the drying process
Once you have properly washed your Merino wool garments, it is now time for the drying process. The proper washing procedure for your Merino garments was outlined in the first part of this two part series. The drying process is extremely important but extremely simple. Proper drying is important because you do not want your Merino wool to shrink or lose its shape.

Once you have pulled your Merino wool garments from the washer, do not place them in the dryer. Never, ever dry your Merino wool in the dryer. Do not dry on low heat or any other setting. If you do dry your Merino wool in the dryer, it will shrink. Instead, lay your garments flat to dry and let them air dry. This cannot be emphasized enough, do not under any circumstances dry your Merino wool in the dryer!

To Iron or Not to Iron
Not only should you not dry your Merino wool in the dryer, you should not iron your Merino garments either. Ironing you garments will either lead to fiber damager or shrinkage. Either one will damage your garment. Luckily Merino wool is one of the easiest types of material to care for. Lay it flat to dry and leave it. Merino wool will naturally dry wrinkle free making it a perfect travel companion. It will look just as fresh coming out of a suitcase or backpack as it did when you first packed it.

How to keep your Merino wool clean – proper storage
Before putting your Merino wool garments away for the season, make sure to thoroughly wash each garment. This would be the perfect time to use our dry cleaning service, if you haven’t throughout the season. It is important to have nice clean clothing packed up tight until next winter. This will ensure that no bugs or moths get into the fabric over the summer months. Also, it is a good idea to clean the drawers you will be storing these garments in to ensure that no bugs or moths are lying in wait.

Merino wool base layers are expensive and need to be taken care of. As the premier Kitsilano dry cleaners, we would love to offer you our professional advice and service and help you keep your Merino wool looking and feeling like new. Stop by the store for some friendly advice and to see what services we can offer you. We look forward to seeing you!

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