Getting Stored Winter Clothing Ready for the Season

Fall is here, and you might be thinking it’s time to pull all of those stored clothes out for the season. While you might be tempted to just pull out your favorite sweaters and heavy jeans and toss them in a drawer, resist the temptation. You need to do some prep work to ensure that your stored winter clothing is ready for the season.

Give a Thorough Inspection

The first thing you are going to want to do once you have gone and grabbed your clothes out of storage is to give them the once over. Look to see if there are any signs of moth damage or any bug larva that may have crept in over the summer. Moth holes can be tough to spot, especially in sweaters, which is why you need to take your time while you are doing your inspecting. Wool and cashmere are the most likely victims of moth damage, so be extra thorough with these fabrics.

A Trip to the Wash

Once you have inspected your stored winter clothing, you might want to consider having it all cleaned before you wear any garments. If you did your storing process properly, the clothes were cleaned before you put them away. Storage can be rough, particularly to clothing that was stored in a basement or attic. Cleaning them gets them ready for the season and will remove any dirt, dust or insects that might have moved in over the summer.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, consider having your clothing cleaned at West Boulevard Cleaners. A dry cleaner is a great place to have your wardrobe prepped for the coming season. You can have us do all the hard work of cleaning your sweaters — and not shrinking them.

Have Odors Removed

Do you notice a musty or dry and dusty smell on your clothes? This can be a common result of long term storage in either too dry of an environment or too humid of one. If you don’t have your clothes cleaned, the smell might linger and ruin them.

The best way to truly remove the odors is to bring them to West Boulevard Cleaners. Remember, mention that you wish to have the odors removed from your clothing, as odor removal is not a typical by-product of dry cleaning. It must be specifically mentioned.

Have Repairs Done

Sometimes small damage can be repaired to your clothing so that nobody ever notices that there was an issue. Small holes can be patched up quickly and blended to ensure that they are not noticeable. If you find larger holes or big damage, it might be time to let go of your favorite sweater. Don’t be tempted to wear a sweater full of holes; the sentimental value does not trump the slobby appearance.

Contact West Boulevard Cleaners to have all of your stored winter clothing cleaned for the upcoming season. Our convenient drop off and pickup service can ensure you get the most bang for your dollar.

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