Fresh Scent, No Chemical Residue

At West Boulevard Cleaners, we do not use toxic, environmentally hazardous chemicals or solvents to clean your clothes

Solvent-free or “wet cleaning” is much safer for your garments, your health and the environment than conventional dry cleaning. Since wet cleaning does not utilize hazardous chemicals, your garments and linens will not have any chemical residue on them. As a result, they will not have the unpleasant odor that traditional dry cleaning leaves behind.

Fresh Scent, no chemical residue

From your night-on-the-town silk dress to your winter cashmere scarf, our eco-friendly alternative cleaning services protect your favorite clothes and give them a fresh, clean scent.

With safe and gentle solvent-free cleaning and acid-free packaging, West Boulevard Cleaners treats the environment and your garments and linens with unparalleled care.