Protect Your Wool – How to Free Your Wardrobe of Moths! – Part 1

There may be nothing more frustrating than pulling out your favorite wool sweater only to find a few holes in it. You do not remember any rips in your sweater when you put it away last spring so what happened over the summer and fall? Chances are those holes in your sweaters were made by moths. So how do you ensure that not all of your clothes fall victim to these pesky bugs? Here is an overview to help deal with moths in your wardrobe.

Know the Signs
Just because you have seen a few moths in your home, there should not be cause for alarm. If however, you have found small holes in your clothes, you have a moth infestation in your closet or drawers. Also look close for webbing in the corners of your drawers and closet. Both of these are tell-tale signs that you have a moth problem. Here are some ways to get rid of moths:

Wash Your Clothes
The first step in getting rid of moths in your clothes is to wash them. Make sure to wash all of your clothes in your closet or drawers or wherever you found either holes in your clothes or webs. By properly washing your clothes, you will remove all moth eggs and larvae as well as removing any perspiration or stains. Dirty clothes will attract moths far faster than clean clothes will. Make sure to wash all clothes, not just wool clothes to insure that all moth larvae and eggs are removed.

Clean Out Your Closet and Drawers
After you have washed all of your clothes, do not just put them back into your closet and drawers. You will want to vacuum and thoroughly clean the spaces where you will be storing your clothes. Pay specific attention to corners. Make sure to use some type of an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all surfaces. While you are vacuuming out your closet, take the extra time to vacuum the rest of your bedroom as well. Sometimes moths will lay their eggs in the bedroom carpet as well.

Storage Solutions
If you no longer need your wool clothing because the weather outside has warmed up, make sure to properly store them. Whatever the method of storage you choose, make sure that all of your clothing is thoroughly cleaned and that it is airtight and is properly sealed. This will help ensure that you will not have any moths ruin your clothes over the summer months.

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