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Eliminate Stinky Stains and Odors From Your Favorite Clothes

The summer is in full swing. That means that you have your favorite summer clothes out and are getting good use of them before the fall and winter sneak up on you way too soon.

You may not realize it, but summertime is a great time to use your Kitsilano dry cleaners. There are plenty of things that are unique to the summer that may require the intervention of a cloth cleaning expert. Here are some of the reasons you should make a quick trip to West Boulevard Cleaners this summer.

Perspiration Stains and Odor

Have you ever realized too late that your favorite summer whites have been damaged by perspiration? At first you may not have even noticed that there was anything wrong. After all, perspiration stains don’t really show up on whites. It’s why you wear them in the summer in the first place.

Over time, the stains and odor begin to show. You get those nasty yellow spots and eventually your favorite white summer tank top ends up in the trash.

Prevent this from happening. Take all of your whites to the dry cleaner to get the perspiration stains and odors out. This can prevent those nasty stains and keep your favorite summer whites looking great for a long time to come.

Food Stains

Wine, BBQ Sauce and grease are only a few of the challenges to your garments in the summer. Not to mention, to enjoy the nice weather, you are much more likely to have a meal out on a picnic blanket or table. Such an outing can lead to grass stains and the dreaded mud accident.
When the eventual stain happens, you probably were on top of it. Cold water, light detergent, don’t rub it in, and off to the washing machine it goes. Sometimes that is enough. Other times, you need a more professional touch.

Bring in your toughest stains and your Kitsilano dry cleaners will do the best job we can getting those stains out.


Being outside provides plenty of opportunity to get your favorite clothing snagged. Whether it is on outdoor furniture, a tree during a hike or a fishing hook, you are going to end up with some snags in your clothing. Don’t treat them yourself.

West Boulevard is ready to handle your worst snags. Not only can we fix them for you, we can make it so you never knew the snag was there in the first place.

Beat the Summer Heat

How does your dryer get your clothing dry? By heating it up. Why have your air conditioner trying to compete with the dryer?

Sure, you could hang your clothes up outside to dry if you have the space. Why not let West Boulevard Cleaners take care of it for you? You don’t even have to come in! Drop your clothes off at one of our convenient drop-off spots and they will be ready for you the next day.

Get your Summer Clothes Cleaned at your local Kitsilano Dry Cleaners. West Boulevard Cleaners can handle all your summer dry cleaning needs. Contact us today!

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