Dry Clean your Patio Carpets and Spice up your Indoors for Fall!

The start of the school year is always the first sign that summer is coming to an end.  Hopefully, we can get a few more good weeks of warm weather, but inevitably, the fall rains are just around the corner.

For many of us that means that it is time to take down the deck furniture, put away the kiddie pool and think about what you want to do with those outdoor carpets and blankets.

It’s a great idea to clean those carpets before you put them away for the fall and winter, so feel free to bring them to us and let us clean them with our eco-friendly dry-cleaning services.

Can I use that Outdoor Rug Indoors?

The answer is yes!  Today’s outdoor rugs are not those unsightly rugs of years past.  Rather, many of these rugs are attractive and come in a wide range of colours and patterns.  Once you have removed all the dirt and stains in your outdoor carpets, you can think about a place where they can be used inside your home.

I would like to suggest the following areas where that outdoor rug will find a new use:

  • Kitchen – A well placed rug in the kitchen may help add to the décor and give a change of scenery.
  • High traffic hallway – Most of today’s outdoor carpets are extremely durable and may save the carpet from the unneeded wear and tear of three seasons. If you have children it may also save your carpet from unnecessary stains.
  • Mudroom – Why not store dirty and wet shoes on your outdoor carpet and get double duty out of it rather than stain and ruin another carpet?
  • Entrance way – What better place for an outdoor carpet. You can continue to wipe your dirty feet on this carpet throughout the year.  With the right pattern or colours, it may brighten up this often-overlooked part of your home.

Here’s the deal:

With a little bit of imagination, you can quickly find innovative ways to use that outdoor carpet.

Outdoor Blankets

Those outdoor blankets that were keeping you warm as you gazed at the summer stars can also be quickly moved from outdoors to indoors.  Once you have brought your outdoor blankets to us for a thorough eco-friendly cleaning, it is time to find them a new home.

I would recommend that you put those warm, hardy blankets to beneficial use.  Outdoor blankets are a terrific addition to any room over the winter months and can be used as a throw on your bed when you’re looking for that extra layer of warmth.

Your outdoor blanket can also be used as a throw on your couch or favourite chair to keep that winter chill away.  Regardless of your choice, instead of purchasing new blankets for those cold months, why not save a few dollars and reuse your outdoor blankets inside.  You already own them anyway – this way you will save a shopping trip and some storage space.

I understand how busy many of our schedules are, especially in this transitionary time of year.  If you like the idea of bringing your outdoor coverings inside, but just don’t have the time to get your blankets and carpets dropped off, we run a free pick-up and delivery service.

Let us help you get those outdoor carpets and blankets clean so that they can keep you warm and dirt free for the fall and winter.  I look forward to seeing you soon.





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