What Clothing Should I Dry Clean?

What Should I Dry Clean?
Your closet is probably full of different types of fabrics, all with their own set of washing and care instructions. Some of these garments are delicate, some are not and some of your clothes probably wash up better than others. Here is a quick overview of what types of clothes you should put in your washing machine and which clothes you should take to your local dry cleaner.

What Can I Wash at Home?
Almost all cotton items can be washed at home. Cotton is a sturdy fabric that is very resilient to being washed over and over again. Sturdier synthetic fabrics can also be washed in your washing machine. These include all polyester garments. Linens can also be washed at home. Regardless of what type of fabric you are washing, make sure to follow the washing instructions on the tag.

What Clothes Should be Dry Cleaned?
The dry cleaning process will ensure that your clothes stay looking like new far longer than if you were to wash them in a machine. Certain clothing items however should only be dry cleaned. These include any type of clothing with a lining in it. Also, all suits should be dry cleaned, especially wool ones or suits with a fabric blend.
You should also dry clean all heavily soiled or stained items to ensure that all stains are properly removed. If you choose to try to remove a stain at home you run the risk of setting that stain and if set, it will become permanent.

Delicate Items
Finally, all delicate clothing items, items with pleating such as skirts, pants or dresses or clothing items with complicated embroidery should all be dry cleaned. This will ensure that the pleats and embroidery are not damaged during the washing process.

Leather and Silk
There are a few types of materials that are a toss-up as to whether they should or should not be dry cleaned. These include leather and silk. If your leather garment has any metal attached to it, you will want to leave that job to a dry cleaner to ensure that nothing is damaged in the washing machine. Light coloured silk can be washed at home but bright coloured silk should be dry cleaned to ensure that it does not bleed and ruin everything in your washing machine.

If you are unsure about a certain shirt or article of clothing, it is always recommended that you get it dry cleaned. Please contact us for any more advice around what items you need to dry clean. We are an eco friendly dry cleaner in Kitsilano. We offer a free pick-up and delivery service and would love to help you keep your clothes clean and stain free. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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