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Clothing Care Tips

You spend a lot of money on your clothing. That is why you choose to have your clothing cleaned by the Kitsilano dry cleaning experts at West Boulevard Cleaners.

There are some other ways that you can keep your clothing looking its best. Here are some tips to ensure that you keep your clothes looking great between visits to the Kitsilano dry cleaners.

Keep Your Perfume or Cologne Off the Fabric

You want to smell good while you are looking good. Using perfume or cologne with your clothes is a no brainer. What you should make sure NOT to do is to get that stuff on your clothing.
The ingredients for things that make you smell nice can actually stain and do damage to the fabrics that make up your clothes. This is due mostly to their high alcohol content. When you apply perfume or cologne make sure to put it on your body not on your clothing. The same goes for hairspray. Keep that stuff on your head and off of the clothes! Like perfumes, hairspray can also damage clothing.

Keep Track of those Shoulder Pads

If your clothing has removable shoulder pads then you want to take extra care when moving them around or bringing them to the dry cleaners.

Clothing with Velcro shoulder pads can be prone to having them fall out and lost. If you are taking your clothing to have it cleaned it may be better to just remove the shoulder pads altogether. That way they won’t become detached when you don’t want them to.

If you want to make sure the shoulder pads get cleaned along with the rest of the garment consider using safety pins to keep them in place. That way they won’t move around during cleaning or fall out.

Have an Explanation for Your Stains

Stains happen. If you get a stain on your clothing don’t wait. The longer a stain sits the more chances there are that it is going to set into the cloth and become a permanent part of your clothing. Address stains immediately by taking them to the cleaners as soon as you can.

When you do get your clothing to the Kitsilano dry cleaners, make sure to explain to your dry cleaners what the stain is and how long it has been there. That information can be critical for them to be able to get the stain out properly.

Keep Clothing Out of Your Car

Unless you are transporting your clothing to or from your Kitsilano dry cleaners you shouldn’t be using your car as a temporary closet. Clothing is very susceptible to sun damage. Cars also get very hot in the sun, even during the winter months.

All of this can lead to sun and heat damage to your clothing. Keep your clothes in your closet and out of the car to make sure they aren’t damage.

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