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Which Clothes Need To Be Dry Cleaned

It isn’t always easy to know which of your clothing items need to be dry cleaned. Ideally, you could send your entire wardrobe off and have a professional do that tedious laundry for you. However, that is very impractical for most people, tempting though it may be. Take a look below at some items that should always be professionally dry cleaned, then visit your Kitsilano dry cleaners for the best dry cleaning services Vancouver has to offer.

Deep Colors

We have all had that plain white t-shirt turn to an unplanned shade of pink after a round through the washer and dryer. It is an inevitable rite of passage into the world of doing laundry. This is because certain colors, notably red, used on certain fabrics, particularly wool, tend to “bleed” and affect the other lighter clothes in the same wash. Dyes used in clothing tend to be unstable and can be released from the clothes in your wash, resulting in color-tainted water. The brighter the color of that particular garment, the more dye is used, therefore the more likely that garment is to bleed. Friction caused by clothing rubbing against each other in the wash also results in color transfer, which is similar to bleeding, but may not affect the second garment as fully. When in doubt, always take clothes that fit this description to your dry cleaner. That have special solvents and processes specially designed just for items like these.


Whether it is men or women, a suit is at the peak of the professional look. It is of vital performance in the business and professional worlds that you always look your best. A suit does more to achieve that look than any other form of attire. If your suit is wrinkled or stained, you cannot achieve that desired look. Suits are far too delicate and important to your appearance to even consider laundering them yourself. They should always be taken to your local, trusted dry cleaner. Additionally, even if only one part of your suit needs to be cleaned, all parts should be taken in and dry cleaned together. That way all parts of your suit will exhibit equally the same natural wear that dry cleaning, or any laundering, will give it.

Delicate Materials

There are a great number of delicate materials that should always be handled by your local dry cleaning professional. Among these are rayon, silk-blends and wool-blends. Garments made of these materials have a tendency to lose their shape when washed in a home washing machine. The dry cleaning process does not use such rough and tumble action. Leather and suede are two more materials that require the care of a dry cleaner. Due to their soft nature, they have a high probability of disfigurement when exposed to water. Again, dry cleaning treats these delicate materials much better.

Visit Your Kitsilano Dry Cleaners

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