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Clothes Moths: What Should You Do?

Clothes moths are a pain. They can be difficult to spot, so many people don’t realize they have a problem until they pull out their favourite cashmere sweater and notice small holes all over. As Kitsilano dry cleaners, we receive a lot of inquiries about how to protect your clothes and household fabrics from pests like moths.

One of our clients recently emailed us about clothes moths in her suite and whether or not dry cleaning was a reasonable way to get rid of them for good. She’s getting ready to move, so the last thing she wants to pack with her stuff is hidden or dormant clothes moths.

We understand how difficult these little critters can be, which is why we’ve decided to outline what you should do if you think you have clothes moths in your home. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of them once and for all.

Identifying the Problem

First of all, let’s make sure that you actually have clothes moths. Take a look through your wardrobe. Moths often thrive on knitwear, so check those items first. You should check other fabrics in your closet and home as well, as moths can damage carpets, upholstery and curtains.

The most obvious signs of a moth infestation are small, irregular holes in your garments. You may also find moths and silken tubes hidden in dark areas of your closet, close to the damaged items, or on the material itself. If you suspect that there are clothes moths in your home, you should act immediately to prevent further destruction of your garments and household fabrics.

Getting Rid of Clothes Moths

Now that you’ve identified the problem, let’s work on the solution. There are tons of home remedies out there that claim to get rid of clothes moths for good, but the most common, effective solution is to have your items laundered at a dry cleaners.

Moth balls can cause your clothes to smell for months and cedar hangers aren’t always 100 percent effective. Ultimately, clothes moths are less likely to feed on thoroughly cleaned fabrics, so bringing them to a dry cleaners can help you keep these pesky critters away.

The idea is to launder clothing, blankets and other articles in hot water for about 30 minutes. However, because moths are often attracted to items like wool, which can’t be washed in hot water, it’s important to take them to a qualified dry cleaners so they don’t sustain any further damage.

If you have a feathered duvet, we suggest taking it to a place like West Boulevard Cleaners. Other dry cleaners may not use alternative, solvent-free processes like us. The solvents most dry cleaners use can leave residual smells and might remove the natural oils on the feathers. Our alternative methods will help ensure your items are moth-free, without ruining their quality.

Call Your Kitsilano Dry Cleaners Today

If you’re dealing with clothes moths and want to get rid of them permanently, we’re happy to help. We are equipped with solutions that can help prevent larger infestations from happening. Please give the number at the top of your screen a call, or feel free to email us for more information about how we can make your home moth-free.