Caring for Sweaters


Winter is sweater season. After you have had your sweaters cleaned using West Boulevard Cleaner’s solvent free cleaning process, it is time to store them until you wear them again or put them away for the season. Here are some caring for sweaters tips, so they can continue to keep you warm and let you look great while they are doing it.

Removing Those Pesky Pills

No matter how expensive the sweater, inevitably you will have to deal with pilling. Pills are those little balls of fabric that form as the sweater fabrics break down and the ends get all tangled together. Unless you keep your sweater vacuum sealed and never worn, you are going to get some. The best way to get rid of them is to use a tool called a manual pill remover. If you are in a pinch and don’t have one, you can carefully use a Bic or other disposable razor to gently shave them off.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sweaters

While there is no real hard and fast rule to the frequency of washing, it really depends on just how much dirt your sweater is exposed to when you wear it. Unless you are exposed to a large amount of dirt, germs or smoke, a wash after every four wearings should work to keep your sweaters clean.

Stretching Out a Shrunk Sweater

Sometimes a sweater may shrink. If this happens, there is a pretty simple way to get it back to the right size, if you are careful. If the fabric allows, you can hold the sweater at the collar and along the different hem lines around the sweater and then gently pull the sweater and hold it for five seconds. If the fabric is pliable you should be able to stretch your sweater back into shape. Be careful not to pull too hard, which could rip or tear the fabric. Stretching too often could also make the fabric look worn.

Avoid Hanger Bumps

When you hang your sweaters up using a hanger, those little bumps always seem to appear on the shoulders if it hangs longer than an hour or two. This is due to the nature of the fabric; generally the looser the weave, the more prone the sweater will be to developing hanger bumps. The best way to avoid them is to store your sweaters in a drawer or on a shelf. If you must hang your sweaters up, then fold them over the hanger instead of putting the hanger on the inside.

Proper Folding and Rolling Techniques

The best way to fold or roll a sweater is to simply lay the sweater down on a flat surface, then fold the sleeves diagonally in towards the middle of the sweater. It is then up to you if you want to roll the sweater or neatly fold it.

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