Caring for Your Suits


Suits are put through brutal, long days at the office and multiple occasions throughout the year, making them prone to quick wear and tear. The delicate fibers can quickly decay, the seams stretch and unravel. Even the most robust of suits can have a shortened lifespan if it is not given the proper care.

A good suit is an expensive investment, and the untimely loss of one can be costly. At West Boulevard Cleaners, we care about extending the like new quality of your clothes. Use these tips to learn how to care for your suits and have them look their best much longer.

Multiple Suits

If you wear suits on a regular bases, owning just one or two will not do; you will find that your suits deteriorate quickly. Invest in at least five suits, one for each weekday. Rotating your trousers and jackets will help keep your suits at their best level of quality. The pants will wear quicker than your jackets, so purchasing extra trousers is a great investment.

Get the Right Fit

Make sure that your suits fit properly. If your jacket is too tight, you will be putting extra tension on the seams and will quickly weaken the stitching. There is nothing more embarrassing than experiencing a split seam in public.

Light Pocket Use

Overloading your internal and external pockets with heavy items, such as keys or a wallet, can stretch the delicate fabric and damage the suit. The extra bulk will also take away from the streamlined look that your suit is supposed to present. Limit what you carry in your pockets.

Store with Care

When you take your suit off at the end of a long day, be sure to hang it on a thick, wooden hanger. Do not let other suits or clothes suffocate it; allow the suit to breathe so that it can dry. Airing out after each use is important to the care of the delicate fabric. If you take the time to hang your suits properly, they will last you much longer.


Ironing your suits regularly is not solely for removing wrinkles and keeping the garment looking crisp, it also opens up the fabric fibers and aids in removing stains. For this reason, it is important that you iron your suits regularly.

Professional Cleaning

Solvent free cleaning, the technique used by West Boulevard Cleaners, is the most ideal method to clean your suits. It is important that your suits are not exposed to harsh chemicals that will damage the fabric. Cleaning using traditional dry cleaning methods will wear your suits out quicker. When you need a stain removed or a cleaning to maintain quality, be sure to choose a facility that uses a solvent free method.

Suits are a daily requirement in many work settings, subjecting the fabric to quick wear and you to the loss of an expensive investment. Following these tips on how to properly care for your suit will extend the life of your garment and keep it looking great. For more information on the preferred cleaning method of suits, solvent free cleaning, visit our services page.

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