The Benefits of Solvent Free Cleaning

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When you search for a dry cleaner, you normally pick the one with a good reputation or fair prices. Or maybe you just drop your garments off at the closest location in good faith that they will do a great job. Have you ever considered that some methods used by cleaners are better than others? Not just more efficient, but better for your clothes and the environment. Here are a few benefits of solvent free cleaning, the technique used by West Boulevard Cleaners, that you should consider.

  1. Eco-Friendly

The majority of cleaners use a chemical known as PERC, a manufactured chemical that is not found in nature and has the ability to enter the body and remained stored in fat cells. Short term exposure can cause neurological, kidney and liver damage while long term exposure can cause repeat miscarriages and even leukemia. PERC has also been found in the breast milk of nursing mothers. PERC easily contaminates the air and water, making it dangerous to our environment as well as our own bodies.

Solvent free cleaning, or wet cleaning, is eco-friendly and safe. Your garments are put through a process of water based cleaning systems to remove stains, then they are dried.

  1. Better for Clothes

Many customers often question whether or not solvent free cleaning is safe for “dry clean” only clothes. The answer is yes, it is actually better for your garments than traditional dry cleaning. The lack of harsh chemicals extends the life of your clothes. Even very delicate museum artifacts have been successfully cleaned using solvent free cleaning systems.

  1. Fresh and Clean

Solvent free cleaning is a state of the art garment cleaning method that will leave your clothes smelling fresher and cleaner than they ever did after a trip to a traditional dry cleaning facility. Clothing cleaned with a solvent free method do not have that stiff, chemical induced feeling that a traditional cleaner gives. Instead, they return to you soft and supple. Services, such as West Boulevard Cleaners, care about your belongings and seek to offer a product that is better and more efficient than ever.

PERC is a dangerous carcinogenic that affects humans and the environment. It has long lasting effects and can enter the body through the air or drinking water. The majority of traditional dry cleaners still use this dangerous chemical to treat your clothing. It is important to be conscious of the use of PERC when taking your clothes to a traditional dry cleaner. There are many benefits to everyone when you make the choice to use a solvent free, or wet cleaning system. It is safer for the environment, your body and your clothes. The next time you are ready to make a trip to the dry cleaners, consider the benefits of using a modern facility that cares about providing a safe service, such as West Boulevard Cleaners. For more information on our cleaning method, speak to a professional and visit our page.

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