Be Unique and Chic All Year Round: Fashion Ideas For Every Season.


West Boulevard Cleaners - Fashion Ideas For Every Season

A fashionable winter wardrobe not only has to be practical, it is also important for your individuality and self-expression as well as your profession.  As your premier Kitsilano dry cleaning alternative, here is are some of our top winter fashion trends.

Put away your shoes this winter and replace them with a sturdy set of winter boots.  Some trendy choices are combat boots and hiking boots.  These versatile fashion statements will have you staying dry and warm this winter and can be worn with a wide variety of different outfits.


That’s right, the 1980’s are back and so is neon.  This trend lit up the runways in Paris, New York and Milan and is guaranteed to make your winter a whole lot brighter.   If you are looking to make a bold fashion statement this winter, then think about stepping out on the town all lit up in neon.


Put a modern twist on a traditional winter garment.  Turtlenecks have never really gone out of winter fashion because of their practicality to keep you warm on the coldest of days.  However, this year choose a turtleneck in bold colours and wear it with your favourite blazer or sweater for a real colour contrast.  If you are looking to stand out, try choosing a turtleneck in your favourite neon colour.


Believe it or not, we do get some sunny days in the winter in Vancouver.  As stylish set of shades never goes out of fashion.  This year, the must have sunglass is anything square with straight edges for a crisp, clean and stylish look.  There is an unlimited amount of different styles to choose from as well as colours, although once again, black seems to always be in demand.  Stay timeless, stay edgy and keep it 90 degrees with your square sunglasses this winter.


Put away your tuques or beanies.  The headband is making a resurgence this winter and is a must have fashion accessory.  Keep that beautiful hairdo while keeping your ears and head warm.  Look for your favourite colour in materials that range from silk to merino.  Regardless of what your choice is, a headband is a must for the winter season.

Be sure to add your favourite fashion choices to your winter wardrobe.  Regardless of your clothing choices you are sure to turn heads in and around Vancouver and will be stylish and warm all season long.  To keep your clothes looking like new, bring them to West Boulevard Cleaners.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff use only the most eco-friendly, gentlest cleaning methods to keep your garments chemical free and looking like new for many winters to come.


Your Vancouver Dry Cleaning Ecofriendly Alternative

With the longer days and warmer weather, it is time to put your winter wardrobe away and get ready for spring.  As the premier eco-friendly dry-cleaning alternative in Kitsilano, here are some of our picks for some timeless spring fashion trends.

Colour choices are always an important way to put an accent on any season.  In the spring, many of the clothing choices that will be available are going to be in pastel colours.  The most popular of the pastel choices that will define spring’s fashion line are lavender and white.  This soft purple hue will be found in everything from formal wear to blouses and even suits.

White never seems to go out of style and the fashion industry is bringing it to the forefront.  With warmer weather, you can shed some layers and step into spring with the simple white tank top.  This basic cut can be worn on its own or layered.  Either way the white tank top is a spring fashion must.  White tank tops are not the only spring fashion trend, from suits to oversized and over cut fashion wear, be prepared for a clean spring slate and set the trend in white.


If plaid is the fashion print of fall, then spring’s fashion print is sure to be polka dots.  More specifically – black and white patterns.  A long polka dot dress or skirt is a must for this spring.  Mix and match your favourite outfits with popular spring colours or another polka dot patterned blouse or shirt.

A close second to polka dots is the always popular floral pattern. Look for floral patterns in your favourite spring clothing.  The seventies are alive and well in spring with some fashion designers opting for colourful tie-dyed and rainbow prints.  If you are looking to make a statement this spring, check out some of these bold and inspiring patterns.


There are many different neckline choices that are setting trends this spring.  One of them is the rebirth of the square neckline.  This flattering cut is going to be available in everything from cotton tops to cocktail dresses and everything in between.

Asymmetrical necklines are also a headliner.  This off balanced choice gives you many choices on how to wear your top and will allow you to express your creative side.  Get ready for this bold and expressive look coming soon to a designer store near you.


Denim never goes out of style.  A few great designer jeans are a must, no matter what the season.  The way denim is being used and the colour choice are the new trends.  Some spring colour choices for denim are dark greys, blues as well as black.  Everything from tuxedos to power suits and dresses are being offered in a denim cut with these dark bold colour schemes.

Pink and Red

Get your Valentine’s Day swag on every day with some pink and red colour schemes.  Millennial pink with a layer or splash of rouge is going to be everywhere in spring, so step out and show off this unique colour combination.

Fringe and Feathers

Fringe made a comeback and is another surefire trend setter.  Fringe is going to be featured on everything from dresses and spring jackets to gloves and even earrings.  Look for this trend in all shapes and sizes in the spring.

A bold fashion statement is feathers. Like fringe, look for feathers on almost all your favourite spring clothes in different shapes, sizes and colours.  Are you brave enough to be sporting some of spring’s boldest and most unique fashion trends?


  • Fanny Packs

Need some extra room to carry your spring accessories?  Well, look no further than your must have spring accessory – the fanny pack.  Regardless of your fashion preferences, there are a wide range of different styles and sizes to choose from.

  • Hats

A spring hat choice is straw.  Large and oversized, not your typical Panama style, but is still the perfect companion for any of those warm late spring beach days.

Keep your Colours and Fashion Choices Bold this Spring

We know how important fashion is to you and we want to help you keep your trendy clothes clean and looking like new.  At West Boulevard Cleaners, we offer an eco-friendly dry-cleaning alternative that gets the same or better results without exposing you to any of the dangerous chemicals that are part of the traditional dry cleaning process.

We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service to free up time from your busy schedule.  Stop by today to see how our services can keep your spring wardrobe looking like new for many seasons to come.  We look forward to working with you soon.


Here are some must-have summer fashion ideas that will keep you trendy and fresh from year to year.


Some great summer colours are bold and bright and are dominated by fire tones.  Some of the more popular colours include:

  • Fiesta – a bright red-orange colour. Fiesta is the embodiment of passion and fire.
  • Jester Red – a deep and intense shade. Jester Red is seen as a symbol of urban elegance and chic.
  • Turmeric – this deep yellowish orange is sure to add a few notes of spice to any summer wardrobe.
  • Living Coral – this warm and bright colour will bring any outfit to life. Living Coral has a golden hue and is great for casual summer outfits.


Bike shorts are the shorts to be seen in.  This unexpected summer fashion trend is calling itself athleisure and is all the rage with many of the top designers such as Chanel.  The best part about the bike short trend is they can be worn with anything.  One must have looks for summer is the bike short paired with a blazer – both striking and chic at the same time.  Try it out for your next brunch date or just walking the trendy downtown streets of Vancouver.  Either way, you can’t miss.


A great pattern choice for summer is the animal print.  Let your animal instincts run wild and pick your favourite summer outfit in a wide range of different animal inspired patterns.  One of the more popular patterns is the loud leopard spots that is available in an array of bright and bold colours.  These can be found on a variety of summer garments including pants, coats, dresses and suits.

Another popular summer pattern is the tartan.  The tartan pattern is making huge waves in the fashion world of New York, Milan and Paris this year.  This pattern is not to be worn subtly and is available in some of the boldest summer colours such as reds, blues, greens and yellows.  If you are looking to make a summer fashion trend statement, then pick your favourite tartan patterned suit, jacket or pair of pants and get out there and turn some heads.

The 70’s are back in full effect.  Tie-Dye is making a big comeback and is featured on everything from shirts and shorts to long summer dresses and even on your favourite pair of Converse high tops.  Be sure to get in touch with your inner hippie and strut your stuff in the latest tie-dye fashions.

Boiler suits originally designed as protective gear for manual labour are one of the hottest summer fashion trends of the year.  Pick your favourite summer colour and style and get out there and rock this utilitarian fashion trend.

Fringe and Patchwork

Does fringe ever really go out of style?  Well so far, the answer is no.  Fringe has been worked into almost all modern wear, so that you can show off the classic western detail in your favourite summer outfit.

Patchwork is no longer just a craft for your Grandma, it is also one of the summer’s hottest fashion trends.  As colourful as it is creative, patchwork consists of sewn pieces of material woven together to achieve an eclectic and eye-catching summer design.  Look for it on suits, pants, jackets and other summer favourites.  Be sure to be the focus of your next summer event by pairing a patchwork garment with other simple block coloured pieces and the latest summer accessories.


With all the forecasted sunshine and hot weather, you can expect this summer, a fashionable hat is a must to keep you cool.  Bucket hats are sure to be the hottest (or coolest) 2019 trend of the summer.  Choose your favourite pattern or colour and be sure to wear this iconic fashion trend to look stylish around town.

Trucker hats or just a plain baseball hats never seem to go out of style.  Choose your favourite team, fashion designer or colour and beat the heat this summer while looking good.


Although not functional nor practical, the shrunken bag is the must have accessory of the summer.  This bag has just enough room to hold your lipstick and phone (if you are lucky) and is the true miniature of your favourite handbag.  So, if you choose style over function, then the shrunken bag is for you.  On a positive note, your shoulder won’t get sore from carrying it around all day.

Be seen this summer in all your favourite fashionable garments in and around Vancouver.  With so many trends to choose from, there is something for everyone in the summe.  Be sure to bring your summer garments to West Boulevard Cleaners for any alterations or cleaning.  Our eco-friendly dry-cleaning services will have your clothes looking new without leaving them coated in harmful chemicals.


The changing seasons bring an opportunity for some new and exciting fashion statements.  As your premier Kitsilano solvent free dry-cleaning alternative, here are some of our favourite fall fashion trends that are sure to keep you warm and dry as well as turn some heads.

Get ready to feel like a superhero this fall.  Capes are one of the trendiest fashion accessories.  This oversized outerwear is turning heads on the chicest runways.  Pair it with your favourite pair of boots and jeans.

 Floral Patterns

Trade in your yellow, daisy summer prints for a darker, moodier floral print that is perfect for the fall and winter season.  Your favourite dresses, tops and skirts will be available in a wide range of floral colours and patterns.  Choose the style that best suits your mood and get ready to make a bold statement.

Smart Suits

Suits never really go out of style, but one of fall’s biggest fashion trends is the power suit or the smart suit.  Look for a wide range of styles in neutral colours and get powered up this fall.

Solvent Free Dry cleaning alternative

Not all your fashion choices will be neutral or dark coloured.  Look for a wide range of jewel coloured tops, coats and accessories to brighten up your fall wardrobe.

Plaid is always in season during the fall months.  Many of the top fashion designers are offering a wide range of trendy plaid prints.  One of the most popular looks this fall is a plaid blazer matched with biker shorts.  Choose from big, bold plaid patterns or smaller, less flashy neutral patterns.

Cozy Outwear

No fashion list would be complete without some cozy outwear options that will keep you dry and warm this fall.  This year the must have fashion trend is puffy outerwear wear.  These garments are not only functional, but they will also work for the winter months as well.

Go big and bold with loud colours such as fire engine red or tone it down a notch and choose a more neutral colour or the always trendy white and black.  No matter your choice or personal preference, puffy outerwear is sure to keep you snug and warm on even the coldest autumn evening.


Get your spots on this fall.  Look for your favourite coat, blazer or even skirt in leopard print.  Faux fur spotted coats are a great way to keep warm and fashionable.


Another bold fashion statement is lace. Look for lace tops, dresses and skirts in a variety of cuts and patterns.  For the ultimate ladylike outfit, try pairing your favourite lace top with a matching lace skirt.

Millennial Purple

Millennial purple is a great fall fashion choice.  There is a large range of different shades to choose from so choose your favourite and be sure to have at least a few pieces with an orchard purple hue in your wardrobe.


Fall suit selections have been built around a cinched waist to show off the belt.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a suit or jacket, you can still show off your favourite belt.  Some of the belt designs that are sure to be seen in the fall include:

  • Large or oversized leather belts with a bold patterned buckle.
  • Thin, sleek black leather or faux belts with metallic buckles.
  • Grommet belts of all different shapes and sizes.

Regardless of what type of belt you choose, be sure to show it off and complete any type of fall fashion trend.


With the amount of cold, wet weather we are sure to have in the fall, no fall fashion is complete without a hat to keep the rain off.  It seems toques are not necessarily the biggest fashion choice, but instead, many designers are getting creative and perhaps even a little wacky.  Make quite the statement with a bucket hat or tone it down and go with the always trendy newsboy or brimmed fedora.  Whatever your choice is, the main thing is to stay warm and dry this fall.

This extensive list of fall trends offers a variety of different fashion choices, colours and accessories.  Mix and match your favourites and get out and enjoy the season.

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your garments or are interested in the many services that we offer, please call or stop by today.  We look forward to seeing you soon.