Undergarment Care – Bras

Avoid Faded & Damaged Clothes
In your household does everything just go into the laundry at the same time, regardless of colour, fabric or size? If so, you may want to rethink how you are doing laundry. Believe it or not, different colours and fabrics require different settings on your washing machine. If you choose to ignore these settings, your garments will be more faded and damaged because of it.

Proper Care Goes A Long Way
This can be especially true for more delicate items such as undergarments. It is so important to properly wash these garments so they retain their colour, elasticity and shape. Here are some tips as to how to properly care for your undergarments.

Keep Your Bras Looking Great
The bra is an essential garment for women and it also requires its own unique washing technique. You will want to properly care for your bras as they are expensive to replace and you will want to keep them in good shape and fitting properly. Like all other garments, each bra should come with a label detailing the washing procedures, you will find this label attached to the bra. If you can’t find the label, here are our recommendations for proper bra care.

Wash Often & Wash By Hand
Make sure to wash your bras often. You should be washing them after every few wears. By washing them often, you will keep them free from perspiration and odour. If you can, hand wash your bras. This may not be an option in todays’ busy world but a hand washed bra will outlast a bra that is machine washed by a large margin. If you do have the time to hand wash your bra, use a mild detergent and always wash your bra in cool or cold water. Cold water will help your bra maintain its elasticity.There are certain materials such as silk and delicate knits and certain patterns that cannot be machined washed and should ONLY be hand washed.

If Not… Close The Clasps!
If you are like most people and wash your bras in a washing machine, make sure that the clasps are closed before washing. You do not want your bra hanging up on the spin cycle and getting damaged. It is a good idea to use a mild detergent and always wash like colours with like colours. Remember to wash your bras in cold water and if possible use a lingerie bag.

Do Not Dry
Once your bras have finished their wash cycle, do not put them in the drier. Rather, hang your bras to dry. The heat from the drier can damage the fabric and the elasticity of the bra or even shrink your bra in the drying process.

Make Them Last Forever
By following these simple steps, you should be able to keep your bras clean and looking and fitting like new. If this sounds like too much work give us a call, we are a premier Kitisilano dry cleaner and we specialize in an eco-friendly way of keeping your clothes spot free and looking like new. We offer professional and friendly advice and would love to assist you in keeping your undergarments clean.

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