5 Tips to Keep Mold Out of Your Laundry Room


Mold is a pesky fungus that thrives on water. It tends to grow in warm, enclosed spaces that have high levels of humidity. It doesn’t just grow on your walls and floors, though. It can go on your garments, too. Although dry cleaning your clothes can get rid of mold, it is better to prevent the fungus from growing altogether. If the conditions are just right and the mold has enough moisture and sustenance, it will continue to spread. Here are some tips for preventing mold from creeping into your laundry room.

Keep it Dry

A safe way to make sure mold will not grow in your laundry room is to keep the area dry and clean. Since mold prefers to grow on damp or wet material and cannot live without food, oxygen and moisture, your best bet is to create an open, clean and dry space. Your washing machine generates a lot of water, so make sure water does not pool in it when it’s not running. If you notice any leaks coming from your washing machine, fix them immediately. Mold loves environments like soiled, damp laundry.

Let Air Circulate

If your laundry room is properly ventilated, there is less of a chance that moisture and humidity will build in it. Laundry rooms can get warm and muggy when the washer and dryer are running, especially if they are small. If you feel as though the room is not well-ventilated, consider modifying your home so that it is. It will be well worth it!

Do Your Laundry

Don’t let your dirty clothes pile up in your laundry room—they will become a breeding ground for mold. Stains on clothing attract fungus growth. Wash and dry your garments or take them to the dry cleaners regularly to prevent mold. Mold will eat your clothes and make them smelly. Nobody wants that to happen to their favorite clothing item!

Use a Dehumidifier

Make your laundry room the last place mold would want to live by putting a dehumidifier in it. As its name describes, a dehumidifier will suck the humidity out of the air, creating an environment where mold could never survive. To fend off mold growth, keep humidity levels in the room below 45 percent.

Get Silica Gel

Those little packets you find in your purchases do come in handy. Silica gel is a material that can be used as a desiccant to adsorb moisture and control humidity. Place some in your laundry room where mold may be prone to growing.

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