3 Ways to Go Green This Summer

Summer is just around the corner in Vancouver. It won’t be long before most locals are out enjoying patios, local beaches, and summer vacations. Because we are outside a lot more during the summer, it is a great time to think about the environment and how you can help keep our beautiful city as pristine as possible. Here are 3 environmentally friendly ways that you can quickly adopt into your lifestyle this summer.

Get to know your Household Products
You may not know this but many of the household products you are using to clean your home are probably toxic. The next time you are cleaning your bathroom for instance, have a look at the chemicals that you are using to do the job. Remember, these chemicals go directly into our water supply and can be poisonous to sea life as well as environmentally damaging.

Instead of using these noxious and poisonous chemicals, think about finding a more eco-friendly alternative. There are many of these alternatives available, and many of them do the same or a better job at removing bacteria and mold, so why not make the change?

Become more Energy Aware
Trying to do your part to conserve energy is also a great way to go green this summer. No, this does not mean sit in the dark or cook by candlelight. Instead, just try to turn off lights if you are not using them and unplug chargers and other devices when they are not in use. Also, because we have far more natural light in the summer, think about trying to use the natural light instead of turning on lights.

Look at Alternative Solutions
Many of us use services such as dry cleaning to help with our busy schedules. What you may not know is that traditional dry cleaning methods use noxious and potentially harmful chemicals to clean your clothes. This is not only dangerous to the environment, it is also dangerous to you because you are essentially wearing this chemical. The next time you are thinking about dry cleaning, think about a cleaner, greener, healthier approach.

Looking for Kitsilano dry cleaners who believe in a more environmentally friendly way of dry cleaning? We offer eco-friendly dry cleaning and do not use any harmful chemicals in the process. We offer competitive rates and the environmentally friendly dry cleaning process offers the same or better results as the traditional chemical laden process. The next time you are in the market for dry cleaning, remember West Boulevard Cleaners.

By following these three simple ways to go green this summer you are doing your part to help our environment. Good luck and enjoy your summer!

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