3 Tips for Storing Your Wedding Dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress

The big day has come to an end and it is time to put away that beautiful dream wedding dress that made your day complete. Some brides opt to try and sell or give away their dress after they have used it, while others choose to keep the stunning garment for themselves on the hope that maybe their children will give it new life one day. Whatever you decide to do with your dress be sure you store it properly. Improper storage can damage or even ruin the wedding dress you loved. Use these 3 tips for storing your wedding dress to keep it safe for as long as you desire.

  1. Have it Cleaned

Your dress had a big day. From walking down a garden path to sweeping across the dance floor, it was bound to collect some wear and tear. You may notice dirt and fraying on the hem, or maybe your precious flower girl smeared a bit of chocolate on the skirt. But do not worry — all blemishes can be quickly remedied. Have your dress professionally cleaned after your big day and remove all the stains and dirt. Have any damage fixed so that it is prepped for long or short term storage. You do not want to take your dress out again a few anniversaries down the road only to find a bit of barbeque sauce lingering on the bodice.


  1. Pack It Away

It is hard watching your beloved wedding gown packed away in a box, but this is what is best for the long term preservation of your dress. It is best to let a professional handle this job because they will know the correct materials and techniques, which is very important to keep your gown safe. Your gown should be stored in a container that can easily adjust to the climate it is stored in, and made from materials that will reduce yellowing. If you cannot afford to have your gown professionally packed away, keep it in a cloth bag. Do not let your gown hang for extended amounts of time, this will stretch the fabric. Also, do not use colored packing paper, which can leave stains. Professionals recommend wrapping your gown in unbleached muslin that has been pre-washed, then storing the gown underneath your bed.


  1. Hands Off

As tempting as it may be to take out your gown and look at it every few days after your wedding, you need to let it rest to insure it is well preserved. When you do decide to take it out wash your hands or wear cloth gloves to protect the dress from skin oils and stains. Be sure that you are in an area where the dress will remain clean and safe. It is your dress and you should be able to view and enjoy it to relive the memories of your beautiful day, but if you would like to keep the gown forever you must limit your handling to special occasions and use great discretion to keep it safe.


Your wedding dress just might be the most expensive piece of clothing you ever purchase; ensure that you keep it safe and store it properly using these three tips. For more information on cleaning and storing clothes, visit our wedding gown page or speak to one of our West Boulevard Cleaners expert representatives.

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