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Why Your Dry Cleaner Should Separate Your Items

If you regularly dry clean your important clothes, then there are probably a few factors that you look for in a high quality dry cleaner. While the right dry cleaner should offer you things like good stain removal, using high quality cleaners and timely job completion, the one factor that consumers often fail to look for is load separation.

Separating dry cleaning loads by different criteria is one of the most important tasks that a dry cleaner can do to successfully clean your clothes. Read about the different ways your clothes should be separated and find out how you can find the right dry cleaning service for you.

Splitting Items by Color

There are several ways that your dry cleaner can separate and itemize your loads, but perhaps the most important way is by color. As with regular laundry service, light colored clothes and dark colored clothes should never be dry cleaned together, as this can lead to serious damage to your clothes. If lighter and darker colors are mixed, cross contamination is likely, running your entire dry cleaning batch.

When you’re considering a given dry cleaning service, ask them directly if they separate garments by color. If not, then they might not be the right dry cleaning service for you and you should continue looking until you find a service that knows the value of separation.


Adjusting Orders by Weight

Another factor that many consumers do not consider when looking for a dry-cleaning service is the weight of their clothes. An item of clothing’s weight is often directly proportional to its durability, which can also influence how they should be dry cleaned. For example, a heavier garment such as a jacket can usually withstand a more vigorous washing process needed to remove dirt and stains.

What this means in terms of load separation is that garments of differing weights should never be dry cleaned together. A lighter piece of clothing will not be able to hold up to the same cleaning process as a heavier piece of clothing. Ask your dry-cleaning service if they have options to separate your clothes by weight to ensure successful cleaning.


Keeping Orders Separated Based on Bleeding

Many modern fabrics can suffer from dye and chemical bleeding when put through an intensive dry-cleaning process — this can mean disaster for your valuable clothes and huge replacement bills that you may not be able to afford.

To prevent dye/chemical bleeding and garment damage, any dry cleaner that you patron should separate loads by fabric type. This will help to preserve your clothing and lead to more successful dry cleaning. As you can see, load separation is important in almost every clothing area imaginable.


Find a Great Local Dry Cleaner

Now that you know a little more about the importance of load separation, you can search confidently for your next dry cleaner. Finding a local dry cleaner that understands your individual needs is easy when you visit West Boulevard Dry Cleaners. We are an eco-friendly dry cleaner that serves the greater Vancouver area, and we would be privileged to work with you.

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